If you are a younger Bmxer / grom, this web zine is for you. The focus here is completely on BMXERS under 15… park, street, trails, flatland… BMX Groms is a place to get high fives, so send us links to your pictures and edits and we may feature you. One of the goals of BMX Groms is to give young riders a place to share, learn and progress. Look out for BMX grom rider interviews, bike checks (from guys who ride an 16″ or 18″ or 20″) interviews of young BMX riders who are killin it.

What is a grom?

A “grom” is a kid who rips. Not necessarily a beginner but usually 14 or under. “Grom” is an action sports slang word that started with surfing, but is now used for many other action sport athletes like: snowboarders, skimboarders, wakeskaters, wakeboarders, skateboarders, or kiteboarders.

This site is independent and run, owned 100% by BMXers, for BMXers. The way it should be.

Want to send us an video edit? Read this.

We can’t feature everything here, but if you have an edit you want to share, you can go ahead and send us the link. This site is intended for younger BMXers and we will not post edits with swearing or profanity. If you are sending in an edit you wish to be posted, please be sure to include some detail about your video, rider names, location where it was filmed, as much detail as possible helps.


BMX Groms Editor

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