Kehler Colon BMX Bike Check


Kehler Colon, 14 Year Old BMX Rider Bike Check

We met Kehler roasting bowl lines at Camp Woodward this summer during grom week. Kehler started racing BMX, before he got into freestyle and it shows in his riding, dude knows how to pump a transition and get some boost. If you’re just around 5 feet tall, check out Kehler’s setup for bike sizing.

Name: Kehler Colon
Age: 14
Height: 5ft 4″
Weight: 120lbs
Where do you call home: I live in south jersey. Hard to find any riding spots near here ever since the incline club closed.
Best bmx memory so far this year: Going to Woodward East for a week was by far the best memory so far. Learned some new stuff and got to meat a ton of new people.
Favorite type of riding: My favorite type of riding is park, however since there isn’t many parks near me I ride street and trails a lot more.
Funnest trick: My favorite trick is probably a tail whip or a bearskin hard to choose.
Favorite places to ride: I like riding Woodward the most especially lot 8.
Pro bmx rider that gets you stoked: I like Logan Martin’s style the best he definitely makes me want to ride more.
Kehler Colon, Colony BMX Bike Check

Kehler BMX Bike Check Front View Head Tube and Profile Stem
Frame: Colony sweet tooth 19.8tt
Fork: Odyssey r32 fork
Bars: Kink human bars 18.75 rise 29 wide cut to 27.5
Stem: Profile acoustic stem 48mm reach
Grips: Odi super soft grips
Bar ends: Odi
Cranks: Profile column cranks 165mm
Sprocket: madera galaxy sprocket 28t
Chain: KMC chain
Front tire: Maxxis grifter tire 20×2.1
Front wheel: G sport ribcage rim with colony spokes
Front hub: profile mini hub
Rear tire: Maxxis grifter tire 20×2.1
Rear wheel: Gsport ribcage rim
Rear hub: profile mini hub
Shout out or thanks: Id like to thank my mom and my dad for supporting my riding and everything they’ve don’t along the way to help me get to where I am now!

Kehler BMX bike-check front view.

Kehler BMX Colony Bike Check Front Wheel and Profile Hub

BMX Bike Check Kehler Drive Train

BMX Bike Check Kehler Drive Train