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Young Mountain Bike Groms – MTB Groms

10 Year Old Jackson Goldstone Jumps The Woodward West MegaRamp


10 year old MTB grom Jackson Goldstone jumping the Megaramp at Woodward West! Seriously Awesome!

Woodward Camp – 10 year old Jackson Goldstone is no stranger to danger. For the few years he has been coming to camp he has always turned a keen eye toward the massive MegaRamp in our backyard. Used to jumping huge gaps, Jackson knew that one day he would conquer this beast. Check him out as he does just that.

The Goldstones Shred MTB Bikes at Whistler


The Goldstone family shreds bikes at Crankworx, Whistler. Lots of awesome stuff in here!

Lil Shredder Bikes California Cruizin’ 2014


The Halahan brothers stepped off of their BMX bikes to rip on their MTB Bikes. This video is what Bmxgroms is all about, having fun, riding bikes, and going on road trips!

The Lil Shredder Crew made the trip to Santa Cruz Mountain Bike Festival in Aptos, CA. The Halahan brothers Lukas, Nathan, and Shane made the trip from Pittsburgh, PA, while Gavin Stanton came down the west coast from his hometown of Portland, OR. Video Credit- Deek Design/ Geo Jenkins

Connor Gallart – 10 Barspins 10 Spots at Woodward West


Ok we know Connor isn’t technically a BMX Rider, but he shreds and he is a grom and we’re pretty flexible around here.┬áConnor has barspins on lock, so Woodward challenged him to do 10 barspins at 10 different spots around camp during Winter Camp. Enjoy.

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