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Young and Raddest upcoming BMX talent at Next Gen Jam 2015


Last year at the Next Generation Jam in Pittsburgh, PA, some of the youngest and raddest BMX Grom talent in the world get together for a BMX jam of bike fun hosted by the Halahans! This years jam is this coming weekend and if you want to see more get to The Wheel Mill in Pittsburgh for the 19th!

Best Birthday Party Ever? 10 year old Reed Bleymeyer Hosts a Birthday Party at The Factory BMX park!


Trying to plan a fun birthday party? Imagine having your own birthday party hosted by one of the youngest BMX riders in the world to ever do a backflip… Check out 10 year old
Reed Bleymeyer and Aj Haines throw down at The Factory while hosting a birthday party!

Monster Army Recon Tour 2015: Rye Airfield


This video is packed full of action and riding. Some insane riding in this video. This is a must watch.

Bryce Tryon’s Mongoose BMX Jam Story


Bryce Tryon went out to Woodward West for the Mongoose AM Jam. After finishing first in the am contest he ended up on Team Illingsworth and got to ride with pros like Greg Illingworth, Tyler Fernengel and more! Watch his wild week at the Mongoose Jam!

Peraza Family BMX Vacation to Woodward West


Check out this rad edit of the whole Peraza family shredding Woodward. So sick to see the whole family shredding! Noting but good time and bangers!

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