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Dylan Hessey 10 Year Old BMX Rider Interview


Young BMX Rider Dylan Hessey BMX Groms Interview

Watching 10 year old Dylan smoothly chuck barspins and truckdrivers over large box jumps is amazing. Keep reading and find out more about what makes this shredder go off!

Name: Dylan Hessey

Age: 10

Where you live: Widnes, Cheshire (UK)

What size bike do you ride? 18”

How old were you when you started to BMX and what motivated you to start riding?  I got my first BMX bike on my 7th Birthday.  My older cousin Charlie had a BMX bike and once I had a go on his at the skate park I was hooked!!

How much time do you spend practising on your Bike? As often as I can. I go to Rampworx at least once a week.

What gets you really stoked to go out and ride BMX? Learning new tricks and progressing in my riding.

Favorite Type of Riding? Park/Freestyle

How old were you when you learnt Bar Spins?  I was 9.

How long after that did you learn Truck Drivers? About six months after.

What tricks are on your list to learn next? I have just mastered the tailwhip so tailwhip airs are next on the list.

If you could ride with any pro for a day which one would you choose?  I am lucky as I ride with some really awesome riders at Rampworx (Anton McGuirk, Franny Wright and Leon Perkins to name a few…  If I could ride with an International rider it would have to be Drew Bezanson.

Have you ever had to take a break from biking due to an injury? No!

Do you have any goals with BMX? To be the best I possibly can and just enjoy the riding.

What is your fav BMX memory? Being placed 2nd in the U13’s Snowballin’ Jam Dec 2013

Do you have any advice for kids your age or younger who are just starting with BMX? Just to enjoy the riding.

Do you have any shout outs or thanks? To all the riders and staff at Rampworx who help and encourage me with my riding. Also to my taxi driver (my Dad ha!).

Thanks Dylan!

Dylan Hessey Barspinning at Snowballin BMX Jam

Sunny Day at the BMX Park with Kaden Stone


Check out this new Kaden Stone edit. Kaden shreds like usual and saves a couple of good bangers for the end.

BMX Groms Interview with Ryan Slusher

Ryan Slusher Young BMX Rider
Ryan is a 10 year old BMXer that definitely turns heads. He was on the first Lil Pros BMX Tour. BMX Groms caught up with Ryan to find out what inspires him to ride BMX. With kids like Ryan, BMX has a great future.
Name:  Ryan Slusher
Age:  10
Where do you live:  I live in Auburn California. Its in Northern CA. near Lake Tahoe.
Sponsors: Sunday Bikes, T.H.E Industries and Fdv Clothing.
What Size Bike do you ride:  I ride the 16″ Sunday Primer Jr.
How old where you when you started to BMX:  I’ve been pretty much riding a bike my whole life. I raced one year when I was seven but when I turned eight I started riding freestyle at the skateparks.
How much time do you spend on your bike:  For a few years I rode five or six days a week but lately i’ve been riding about two or three days a week.
What do you like best about riding BMX:  I just like riding and spending time on my bike because it makes me happy. Riding with friends is fun because we push each other to learn new tricks. Also I like traveling to new places, riding parks and meeting new people.
Favorite type of riding:  Park and street. I like parks with really good flow. Riding bowls with hips and spines are fun for me. I also like to grind on my pegs. I can feeble rails, double peg and feeble smith etc.
Which riders get you stoked to ride and influence you the most:  Dennis Enarson is my favorite rider. He has all the style and tricks. I also look up to Kris Fox and Matt Cordova. I like riders with a lot of style and flow.
If you could ride with any pro for a day which one would you choose:  Dennis Enarson! I’ve ridden with him before but I want to ride with him everyday. lol
What is your goal with BMX:  I just plan on riding forever. I’d like to turn pro one day so I can travel the world with my friends.
Do you have any advice for kids your age who are just starting with BMX:  I would say to just have fun with it.
I want to thank Sunday Bikes, T.H.E. Industries, FDV Clothing, my Mom and Dad, and all my friends for all the help and support.
Thanks Ryan!

Dylan Hessey (Age 10) ‘Barspin Kid’ at the Rampworx Skatepark


Bars, Alley-oop bars and trucks. Dylan kills it in the edit. Must watch. Thanks for sending it in to BMX Groms!

10 Year Old Keegan Rowley BMX Video


Edit creator Fat Tony says: “It’s not every day you see a rider with style, flow, and tricks like Keegan Rowley…much less at only 10 years old. Keegan made the drive from his hometown in Channahon, Illinois and spent two days at The Kitchen in South Bend, Indiana filming for his first video, and this is the result!”

Keegan would like to give a special thanks to Troy Lee Designs, Seven Clothing, and The Kitchen BMX Skate Park.

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