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12 Year Old BMX rider Lochlainn O’Leary


Here is Lochlainn O’Leary’s edit from September, check it out.¬†Rayden¬†Wickop who filmed this edit had to say:

“Lochlainn and I filmed this during the past 5 months. Once he placed first at Recon Tour (12 and under) in Portland, he knew what he had to do. He really stepped it up from his other edits. Since there isn’t many 12 year old kids that haven’t even picked up a bike yet he usually rides with older kids or by him self. When we meet up and go filming (About once every 3 weeks) I always wonder what crazy trick he is going to try today. He is the next big thing!”

Filmed all over Vancouver Island by Rayden Wickop.

14 Year Old BMXer Aussie Storm Gale Mix Edit


Storm Gale – 14 yrs old Mullumbimby, Australia totally goes off in this edit. Must watch!

Next Generation BMX Jam at the Wheelmill Video Edit


Clips from the Next Generation Jam at the Wheelmill in Pittsburgh, PA. Cameron Girvin, Brady Baker, Cameron Eader, Dorian Giordano, Nahum Billington, Ian Gaskin and lots or other riders.


Mark Taylor 15 Year Old BMX Edit


15 year old Mark Taylor once again pulling out an absolute banger. The edit speaks for itself. Filmed in broken periods over 2013, whilst trying to dodge GCSEs, a fractured hand, two bike setups, two cameras and A LOT of refilming and re-editing. Mark is clearly one to look out for in the future with a ridiculous bag of tricks and good style. Filmed predominantly at XC Skatepark in Hemel Hempstead UK.

Larry Hatter, 14 year old Bmxer, iphone BMX Edit


Larry Hatter sent in this edit with clips he had from over the summer 2013 from Woodward, Cranx, and other parks as well.

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