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BMX Groms Capture of the Week, June 7, 2016: Soren Zengerle

Soren Zengerle hitting a large trails line on his MTB and taking BMX Groms Picture of the Week
Awesome picture of Soren, age 7, captured hitting the largest line at Truckee bike park!
Instagram: @zenbmx – www.zenbmx.com

Photographer: Jason Zengerle jasonzen.com

Things got busy for awhile so sorry I’ve been a slacker with Capture of the Week, if you sent in a picture, I have it and if you what to send one in go ahead! Things should be rockin as usual.

Send in your pictures for BMX “Capture of the Week” on BMXgroms.com to submit@bmxgroms.com (To be featured your pictures must be larger than instagram size – so email the full size one in.

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Soren Zengerle BMX Edit

6 year old BMX rider Soren Zengerle at Truckee bike park shredding on some Dirt jumps.

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Davi Sodré Brakeless 2016 – Open Bike Shop BMX Edit

Davi Sodré 2016 BMX Edit. Hit play.

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5 Year Old Toranosuke Jimbo

5 year old BMX rider Toranosuke from Japan’s edit filmed in one day. Toranosuke throws some sick moves on his 12″ bike.

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Bikers Base – BROTHERS Edit BBCT

8 year old BMX rider Lennox and Niklas Zimmermann, as well as their team mates from Bikers base.
Camera and Edit: Markus Brückner

More From Bikers Base and Lennox Zimmermann:

Bikers Base – MIXED EDIT / Lennox + Niklas Zimmermann BBCT
BMX edit of 8 year old Lennox Zimmermann and his older brother Niklas Zimmermann, riding the “Kesselbrink” skatepark at Bielefeld. Lots of sick moves from the two.

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