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Lochlainn O’Leary BMX Interview


Lochlainn O’Leary BMX Rider Interview with BMX GromsAge: 13 Where do you live? Campbell River B.C.

What’s the riding scene like there? Pretty good actually. In the small town I live in we have a decent park to ride and Vancouver Island has some jams every year. There is also a yearly contest series in Vancouver, which is about 5 hours away.

What size bike do you ride? 19.8

What size of BMX did you start riding on? 18

How old were you when you started riding and what got you into BMX? Before BMX riding I remember ripping around our skatepark on my little mountain bike and dropping in our bowl when I was 5. When I was about 7, I was out with my dad and we stopped in a local bike shop. We didn’t even plan on it, but I remember coming home with a 18 inch Haro, just stoked on life. I started going to the skatepark to ride every chance I would get (which means when it wasn’t raining!). Luckily I live 5 minutes from the park.

How much time do you spend riding? Weather permitted about 6 hours every day, and I try to get more in whenever I can!

Do you do anything to get stoked to ride? Throw in Markit or Deadline, do some stretches but after 12:00 I’m raring to go.

Lochlainn O’Leary Quote

Funnest times riding? There’s lots to pick from! Riding at Woodward was probably one of my favorite. Meeting the colony team, I thought pros would be like athletes and stuff. Everyone’s friends with everyone like Ryan Guetler? Hes definately someone I look up to after that experience. Also something like Alex Hiam messaging me about remembering me from woodward and stuff, after my edit dropped? That stuff doesn’t happen in soccer.

Lochlainn O’Leary BMX Lookback Air

Lochlainn O’Leary tweaking a lookback air out of a bowl.

You obviously ride a lot of street. What do you like about street riding? Well there’s not too much street around me but I like the style, how chill and casual it looks, it’s pretty good feeling too , it looks so dope and freedom! But I love sessioning parks too!

Do you have any BMX goals for this summer? Hit up another recon tour, Woodward west for sure and film and progress and just have a fun summer honestly.

What is your ultimate BMX goal? Well get to somewhere warm probably, California or Austin, Travel a lot for sure, and maybe pick up a couple sponsors and live my dream, but most of all I want to have fun with it haha

How do you get over the metal barrier or fear of trying a new trick? Work my way up or I just tell myself I’ll be more mad if I don’t try it then if I send it and eat it haha

How do you chill after a good session? Hangout with some friends, mess around my trampoline or just go home and surf the web.

If you could ride with any pro for a day which one would you choose? Most likely Dennis Enarson or Garrett Reynolds, because they’re straight up legends but I don’t even know, haha, they all look like cool human beings and there all mind blowing.

Worst injury? First time and only time at Woodward. High jump competition. Crashed from 10 feet & did scorpion to flat on my head. I got bad concussion and was flown out to a hospital in Bakersfield. I couldn’t ride for 2 weeks!!

What is your best BMX memory? In the past year my favorite memory would be a trip i took to Oregon, to Ride in recon tour. I was really stoked because my buddy’s Nathan and Adam, who absolutely shred, were down there too. I met up with them at Tigard skate park and had good session. The next day I ended up winning recon 12 & under, and Adam took pro first place!!

Do you have any advice for kids your age or younger who are just starting with BMX? HAVE FUN!!! Haha it’s an amazing sport and hobby and lifestyle don’t take yourself too seriously and don’t get into the shady side of it!

Anything else you’d like to share? Nothing really, just thanks to my parents for being amazing and supporting me to go ride small bikes instead of doing soccer and football and everything you do for me. All my friends and whoever’s picked up and camera and got some footy of me or took a photo!

What do you think of BMX Groms? It’s dope place for younger riders to share their riding and to check others out love the support for the next gen of shredders!

Lochlainn O'leary icepick grind down a hand rail.

Icepick grind down a hand rail. Lochlainn is not even close to average.

Dylan Hessey 10 Year Old BMX Rider Interview


Young BMX Rider Dylan Hessey BMX Groms Interview

Watching 10 year old Dylan smoothly chuck barspins and truckdrivers over large box jumps is amazing. Keep reading and find out more about what makes this shredder go off!

Name: Dylan Hessey

Age: 10

Where you live: Widnes, Cheshire (UK)

What size bike do you ride? 18”

How old were you when you started to BMX and what motivated you to start riding?  I got my first BMX bike on my 7th Birthday.  My older cousin Charlie had a BMX bike and once I had a go on his at the skate park I was hooked!!

How much time do you spend practising on your Bike? As often as I can. I go to Rampworx at least once a week.

What gets you really stoked to go out and ride BMX? Learning new tricks and progressing in my riding.

Favorite Type of Riding? Park/Freestyle

How old were you when you learnt Bar Spins?  I was 9.

How long after that did you learn Truck Drivers? About six months after.

What tricks are on your list to learn next? I have just mastered the tailwhip so tailwhip airs are next on the list.

If you could ride with any pro for a day which one would you choose?  I am lucky as I ride with some really awesome riders at Rampworx (Anton McGuirk, Franny Wright and Leon Perkins to name a few…  If I could ride with an International rider it would have to be Drew Bezanson.

Have you ever had to take a break from biking due to an injury? No!

Do you have any goals with BMX? To be the best I possibly can and just enjoy the riding.

What is your fav BMX memory? Being placed 2nd in the U13’s Snowballin’ Jam Dec 2013

Do you have any advice for kids your age or younger who are just starting with BMX? Just to enjoy the riding.

Do you have any shout outs or thanks? To all the riders and staff at Rampworx who help and encourage me with my riding. Also to my taxi driver (my Dad ha!).

Thanks Dylan!

Dylan Hessey Barspinning at Snowballin BMX Jam

Interview with BMX Rider Lily Melluso


BMX Groms interview with Lili a Girl BMX riderIt’s really sweet to see a grom girl BMX rider who is totally into the sport. Keep reading and find out why Lily got into BMX, where she rides and what inspires her.

How did you get into BMX?

Lily: I went to summer camp at Joyride 150 and I really liked biking so I bought my own bike and got a membership. And I now ride every day. The bike was like $400 and I got a bunch of new parts to make it lighter. I wouldn’t be able to clear big ramps or do good tricks; it’s just harder with a heavy bike.

How long have you been riding?

Lily: 6 months

What are your favourite places to practice?

Lily: Joyride 150.

Who inspires you to ride?

Lily: Drew Bezanson’s really inspiring. He is my favourite rider.

And your favourite female rider?

Lily: Peta Shephard.

How about competing, did you enjoy the Spring Toronto BMX Jam?

Lily: Yeah, it’s been really fun!


Lili girl bmx rider no footer bmxer


Lili girl bmx rider interview


(Thanks to Sonya at who originally did the interview and Robin Sutherland who took the pictures!)

BMX Groms Interview with Brady Baker


Young BMX Rider Brady Baker interviewed by BMX GromsWhen Brady Baker is on his bike, it is clear he is having a blast.  Seeing the kind of variations 11 year old Brady is pulling, over large jump boxes with a solid amount of air, you’d expect be nervous. But when you’re watching Brady it’s a pleasure, he seems totally in control, he is consistent and he’s having fun. When we saw Brady at the Wheelmill “Next Gen Jam”, the only time he had is helmet off, was to get his picture taken for this interview. He never stops. What goes on in this kids head? Keep reading and find out what makes Brady go off!

Name: Brady Baker

Age: I just turned 11 in January.

Where you live: I live in West Long Branch, NJ

Any Sponsors? Kid Dynamite, Bell Helmets, Merritt, Unit and SISU Mouth Guards

What size bike do you ride?  I ride an 18” bike.

What size of BMX did you start riding on?  I started out riding an 18”.

Now that you’ve turned 11 are you starting to think about moving up to a 20″?  No. I am only 70 pounds and am on the small side.  My 18” fits me perfectly.  I can do all of my tricks on a 20” too but the 18” is much more comfortable.  If I ride a 20” when I am 11 or when I am 13, to me, it doesn’t really matter.

To appreciate this picture take a moment to locate Brady's right hand. Boss.

To appreciate this picture take a moment to locate Brady’s right hand. This is how he does his variations. Tweaked.

How old were you when you started to BMX and what motivated you to start riding?  I started racing BMX when I was 5 and decided last year that I wanted to ride park and trails instead.  I went to a skate park in Missouri when I was younger and met DMC. When I saw him shredding the park, I was hooked! Then I started following Brett Banasiewicz and Scotty Cranmer and I really wanted to ride like them someday.

How much time do you spend practicing on your Bike?  I am really lucky to live so close to The Incline Club. My mom takes me and my brothers there about every night.  In the summer I ride both park and trails everyday.

What gets you really stoked to go out and ride BMX?  I think about riding all the time.  As long as I get good grades I can keep riding. That is my ticket to ride every day.

Favorite Type of Riding? Favorite type of riding is trails.  I can’t wait for winter to end so I can get in the woods and start digging and getting stuff ready to ride! Second favorite is park.

You recently jumped down the huge step down at the Kitchen for the first time, how scary was it and how did you feel when you landed it?  One of my best memories ever! I was scared but finally went for it and made it! Great knowing that I can jump something that big.  It gives me a lot of confidence on other big stuff. I can’t wait to go back and ride that again! I wish it wasn’t 12 hours away.

What tricks are on your list to learn next?  There are a lot of tricks I want to learn.  I am practicing double tail whips, decades and flairs and maybe a flip whip this year!

BMXER Brady Baker BMX Superman Air

This is how Brady does Superman airs – fully Extended. Yes, he is probably smiling. When this kid rides he has a blast.

If you could ride with any pro for a day which one would you choose?  I ride at The Incline Club and I get to ride with Scotty Cranmer a lot.  If I had to choose someone, it would be him.  I got to meet Brett Banasiewicz and ride with him.  He is definitely on my list of favorites. I really love riding trails so I would have to also include Chris Doyle. I feel like I’m leaving a lot of people out.  There is just too many to list. This is a hard question because I look up to so many riders.

Have you ever been injured from biking?  I have never had a major injury.  I have fallen a bunch of times but have been lucky so far.  I busted out my front teeth but I was able to ride the next day!  Since I lost my teeth, I always ride a full face and was stoked on the hook up from Bell Helmets that I got recently.  I ride with the Full-9 helmet by Bell and I feel really safe.  I also wear a SISU mouth guard that helps protect my teeth. The SISU Mouth Guard team has been great with hooking me up with their mouth guards.

If you keep riding BMX, what would you like to be doing 10 years from now?  I don’t really have a specific plan.  I just hope to be riding in ten years.  I am having a great time now and just ride because it’s what I like.  I would love to ride for Rockstar Energy someday, that would be really cool.

What is your best BMX memory?  I have a lot of cool memories but a good recent one was meeting Brett Banasiewicz at The Kitchen Skatepark, then jumping that step down….that was awesome! Best weekend ever!  I also have so many great memories from riding trails last summer.  The trail scene is amazing!  Being outdoors, digging, riding and hanging out with friends is what it’s all about!

Do you have any advice for kids your age or younger who are just starting with BMX?  My advice to kids my age would be ride because you love it, ALWAYS be nice to everyone and give it your all every time you go out and ride. If you are always competing against yourself, you always progress.

Anything else you’d like to share?  I love riding and I hope to keep getting better. I have met so many cool people and I just never want the good times to end.  I feel like I have fun every day!

Do you have any shout outs or thanks?  This list could get long…Ok, shout out to the entire Incline Club Crew (you all know who you are) for always helping me out when I need it.  The Incline Club Skatepark for being the best place to practice. Shout out to Merritt for hooking me up with the best parts for my bike.  Big thanks to Bell Helmets for the sweet full-9 helmet, Kid Dynamite for my awesome clothing and SISU Mouth Guards for protecting my teeth.  Big shout out to all the guys from Catty Woods, Boondocks, Dutch, Posh and Area (you all know who you are). Thanks for all your support all the time and the hard work you put in to make the trails the best! Biggest shout out to my mom for taking me to The Incline Club every day and to my dad for all the road trips!! I have cool brothers too, thanks Blake and Beau for being awesome! I know I am leaving people out so big shout out to everyone that supports me. I am extremely grateful for it all!

Thanks Brady!

BMX Groms Interview with Ryan Slusher

Ryan Slusher Young BMX Rider
Ryan is a 10 year old BMXer that definitely turns heads. He was on the first Lil Pros BMX Tour. BMX Groms caught up with Ryan to find out what inspires him to ride BMX. With kids like Ryan, BMX has a great future.
Name:  Ryan Slusher
Age:  10
Where do you live:  I live in Auburn California. Its in Northern CA. near Lake Tahoe.
Sponsors: Sunday Bikes, T.H.E Industries and Fdv Clothing.
What Size Bike do you ride:  I ride the 16″ Sunday Primer Jr.
How old where you when you started to BMX:  I’ve been pretty much riding a bike my whole life. I raced one year when I was seven but when I turned eight I started riding freestyle at the skateparks.
How much time do you spend on your bike:  For a few years I rode five or six days a week but lately i’ve been riding about two or three days a week.
What do you like best about riding BMX:  I just like riding and spending time on my bike because it makes me happy. Riding with friends is fun because we push each other to learn new tricks. Also I like traveling to new places, riding parks and meeting new people.
Favorite type of riding:  Park and street. I like parks with really good flow. Riding bowls with hips and spines are fun for me. I also like to grind on my pegs. I can feeble rails, double peg and feeble smith etc.
Which riders get you stoked to ride and influence you the most:  Dennis Enarson is my favorite rider. He has all the style and tricks. I also look up to Kris Fox and Matt Cordova. I like riders with a lot of style and flow.
If you could ride with any pro for a day which one would you choose:  Dennis Enarson! I’ve ridden with him before but I want to ride with him everyday. lol
What is your goal with BMX:  I just plan on riding forever. I’d like to turn pro one day so I can travel the world with my friends.
Do you have any advice for kids your age who are just starting with BMX:  I would say to just have fun with it.
I want to thank Sunday Bikes, T.H.E. Industries, FDV Clothing, my Mom and Dad, and all my friends for all the help and support.
Thanks Ryan!
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