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Joji Mizogaki – 2017 BMX Edit


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Joji Mizogaki 11 year Old BMX Rider from Kugenuma Japan, 2017 edit. Hit play. Now.

BMX Edit – The Dream: Andrés Castro 11 Year Old BMXer


Andrés Castro, 11 years old from Madrid, Spain. Dude is killin it! Creative gnarly vid too. Hit play for the dream!

Dylan Hessey BMX Bike Check


Dylan Hessey Total BMX Hangover BMX Bike Check
Dylan Hessey Seat Manual BMX GromName: Dylan Hessey
Age: 11
Height: 4′ 11″
Weight: 88 1bs
Hometown: Widnes, Cheshire UK
Favourite type of riding? My favourite type of riding has to be park riding although I will have a blast at the dirt jumps when I get the chance.
Best spot to ride? I love to ride different parks, meet new riders and generally progress. My favourite park has to my local skate park Rampworx in Liverpool as it has everything you need to learn and progress. I am fortunate as I sometimes get to ride with the Pro riders, Harry Main and Anton McGuirk to mention a few who help and encourage me. I also have lots of BMX and scooter rider friends at Rampworx and we just meet up, ride and have fun.
Favourite trick? My favourite trick has to be the bar spin – I love to bar spin! The next tricks on my list to master are the double whip and the flair.
You recently switched from an 18 inch bike to a 20 inch bike. Was it a hard transition? I found the switch a lot easier than I thought it would be. Some tricks I mastered straight away, some were a little more difficult but I’m starting to feel more comfortable and confident the more I ride.
What made you decide to make the switch to a 20″? A few of the riders at my local park have commented over the past 6 months that I needed to upgrade to a bigger bike but I still felt comfortable on the 18 inch. It’s only over the summer holidays that my legs felt a bit restricted so decided it was time to make the switch.
Dylan Hessey BMX Bike Check Profile StemFrame: TotalBMX Hangover H2 19.8″
Forks: TotalBMX Hangover
Bars: TotalBMX Hangover 8.25″ rise
Brake System: Eclat Unit U-Brake / Odyssey M2 Lever / Odyssey Lower Cable
Headset: TotalBMX
Stem: Profile Acoustic Frontload
Gyro: Snafu Mobeus / Gyro + plate
Grips: ODI O’s
Seat: TotalBMX Slim Logo
Pedals: Snafu Anorexic
Cranks: Profile Race Crank 170mm LHD / TotalBMX Mid bottom bracket 19mm
Sprocket: TotalBMX R&R Lite Sprocket 25t
Chain: Vocal Half Link
Front/Rear Tyres: KHE Mac 2
Wheels: Alienation Felon Rims / Profile Mini Hubs LHD with Ti axle and driver/ TLC Black Ti Spokes
Bolts: TLC Rainbow – Ti Hub Bolts / Ti crank Bolts / Ti Stem Bolts
Any other special details or stories about your bike or parts? Big thanks to Sam Kirk (@AMPEDCYCLEWORX) in helping me build my dream bike – he has the patience of a saint ha!
Sponsors: Just hooked up with PARK Clothing www.wearepark.co.uk
Dylan Hessey BMX Bike Check Total BMX 25t sprocket
Dylan Hessey BMX Bike Check Total BMX Alienation Rear Wheel
Dylan Hessey BMX Bike Check Profile Hub
Dylan Hessey Bike Check Total BMX Hangover

Rampworx Skatepark: Dylan Hessey BMX


11 yr old Dylan Hessey Kills it in this edit. Dylan is one of the best groms out there. This is a must watch.

BMX Capture of the Week: Nahum Billington


BMX “Capture of the Week” going out to 11 year old shredder Nahum Billington, clicking this rad x-up.

Send in your pictures for BMX “Capture of the Week” on BMXgroms.com to submit@bmxgroms.com (To be featured your pictures must be larger than instagram size – so email the full size one in.)

11 year old BMX Rider Nahum snaps a rad x-up for BMX Groms Picture of the Week.

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