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Monster Army Recon Tour 2015: Mission Valley YMCA

Check out groms Jadin Covert, Eddie Rovi, Jaden Chipman, Jake Blais, Victor Pereza (and others) killing it at Recon Tour this past weekend! Also tons of rad riding from the pro! Credit: Vital BMX

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RAINLINE (ep. 2) – Simple Session 15 BMX Contest

Watch Rain Randväli a 16 year old bmx grom, from Estonia, throw down for Etnies and OnWheels BMX store at Simple Session 2015. SO RAD! (Also watch episode 1 where Rain takes to the legendary streets of Barcelona)

Also episode 1.



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Monster Army Recon Tour 2015: The Kitchen

Stop 2 of the Monster Army Recon Tour went down this past weekend at the Kitchen Skatepark and it was insane. Check out this highlights video by Vital BMX. Congrats to Bryce Tyron on 3rd in Open and everyone else who killed it!

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Dorian’s Backyard: Lil Pros BMX Tour Canada April 2015 Slideshow

BMX Groms stopped by Dorian’s Backyard BBQ and jam on his backyard ramp for the Lil Pros BMX Tour Canada. Thanks to the Giordano’s for hosting and Lil Pros BMX Tour and Dustin Grice for organizing.

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The Wheel Mill – Next Generation Jam 2015

The Next Generation Jam was created by Lukas and Nathan Halahan under the watchful eye of Michael Potoczny. The 2nd annual event was held at The Wheel Mill Bike Park in Pittsburgh, PA. It was a day filled with fun, bikes, and kids supported by a long list of industry sponsors.
Video Credit:Deek Design

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