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Dorian’s Backyard: Lil Pros BMX Tour Canada April 2015 Slideshow


BMX Groms stopped by Dorian’s Backyard BBQ and jam on his backyard ramp for the Lil Pros BMX Tour Canada. Thanks to the Giordano’s for hosting and Lil Pros BMX Tour and Dustin Grice for organizing.

The Wheel Mill – Next Generation Jam 2015


The Next Generation Jam was created by Lukas and Nathan Halahan under the watchful eye of Michael Potoczny. The 2nd annual event was held at The Wheel Mill Bike Park in Pittsburgh, PA. It was a day filled with fun, bikes, and kids supported by a long list of industry sponsors.
Video Credit:Deek Design

Monster Army Recon Tour 2015 at Premises Park


Video highlights from stop one of the 2015 Monster Army Recon Tour featuring all sorts of ridiculous riding at Premises Park in Tucson, Arizona. From huge tricks over the box jumps to super technical nose manual combos, the 2015 tour kicked off in a big way.
Credit: Vital BMX

Next Generation BMX Jam 2015 Event


Next Generation BMX Jam 2015

What to do in Pittsburg? You could: visit the National Aviary where you can see an amazing collection of more than 600 exotic and endangered birds; go to the Botanical Gardens where you can see a fabulous bonsai collection; take in the Andy Warhol Art Museum; cross lots of bridges, or; go to The Wheelmill – a large indoor BMX/MTB park (Just did the last two).

Nathan Halahan BMX Visor Buzz

10 year old Nathan Halahan take some time out from organizing the Next Generation BMX Jam to bust some radness and buzz his visor.

What not to do on the way to Pittsburg? Get caught in snow squalls coming off Lake Eire, step on a nail in an Amish country Walmart (don’t ask), eat too many McDonalds breakfast sandwiches (Did all of them).

If you made an epic journey to the Wheelmill for March 28, 2015, it was for the Next Generation Jam. BMX Groms and families travelled from as far away as Portland Oregon to attend this fun event for kids on Striders, 12″, 16″, 18″ and 20″ BMX bikes.

The Wheelmill is a large rambling indoor park, but where ever you looked you would see some kid busting a big fat air on a little bike. Next Generation Jam was started by the Halahan family. Mike, Lukas and Nathan pulled off another great event for the second year. For anyone wanting to attend an event to get a glimpse of the future of BMX or for brands wishing to connect with Groms, Next Gen Jam is it.

The main events on the schedule were; pump track time trials, strider race, expert Woods jump room jam (indoor trails contest done in pairs), foot down, beginner jump line, park best trick and an ice cream party and awards. For anyone that wanted, you could also set your own challenge and if you met it you would get a prize pack – a great idea to keep everyone stoked.

12 year old BMX Rider Brady Baker chucks a tailwhip in the Wood Jump Room.

12 year old BMX Rider Brady Baker chucks a tailwhip in the Woods Jump Room.

The pump track time trials are a blast – just to keep things more entertaining, 12 year old Marcus Christopher was airing the berms. The Wheelmill jump lines, which are built to be like indoor trails lines, were going non stop all day. The level of riding, variations and style was unbelievable. Fun was had with a stack of BMXers pitting their  balance and bike control in the foot down contest. The beginner jump line jam was huge. There are so many rad kids coming up in BMX! Speed, flow and variations from 6 year olds is what was going down. The park best trick jam was a good ender for the day, with some of the older teens totally killin it.

Don’t miss out next year! In the meanwhile, keep connected to BMX Groms and look out for the Next Gen Jam edit that we have in the works.

Foot down contest at the Next Gen BMX Jam

The foot down contest and some bike soccer put balance and bike control to the test.

Here are the final results from the jam:

Pump Track:
7 and under: Tommy Bruney
8-12: Marcus Christopher
13-17: Cameron Girvin
Girls: Jordan Bell

Expert Jump Train:
Cameron Girvin and Jaden Chipman Team tied with Marcus Christopher and Brady Baker Team

12 year old Marcus Christopher tweaks a Nac Nac in the Woods Jump Room.

12 year old Marcus Christopher tweaks a Nac Nac in the Woods Jump Room.

Beginner Jump Train:
Beau Baker and Gavin Stanton

Best Trick:
Jaden Chipman
Roberto Redondo
Colin Shafer

Rad Dad: Michael Fitzpatrick (son Ryan)

Fun Family: The Serbins (sons Michael and Jacob)

Ride Like A Girl: Katie Goodman

Group shot of some of the BMX Riders that made it to the Next Gen Jam in Pittsburgh.

Woodward West AM OPEN BMX Contest


Woodward West​ is putting on an AM contest (April 24-26) that looks like a must go – Check out the poster!

Woodward West AM Open BMX Contest Poster

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