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10 year old Canadian BMX rider


Canadian BMX rider Nahum Billington clips from 2013, while age 9 and 10. This edit is filmed across Ontario at Joyride 150, Riverside bike park, Maclennan, Woodstock Skatepark and even Mount Pearl Skatepark in Newfoundland, and some Backyard ramps and street spots.

10 Year Old Grom Brady Baker BMX


10 year old Brady Baker from New Jersey rips it up in this edit. Some great trails riding, plus doing back flips, tail whips, 360’s and more at the incline club, Ray’s MTB, Woodbridge Skatepark and PA woods.


Brady Baker BMX from Brady Baker on Vimeo.

Daydreaming with Kaden Stone


Kaden Stone was 9 in when this edit was filmed and he shreds. Check it out.

Ben Kavanagh Shredding Joyride 150


Ben Kavanagh from DK Bicycle Company on Vimeo.

Ben Kavanagh might be a little guy, but he’s got some massive moves. Check out this video of Ben shredding his home turf at Joyride 150 in Ontario,Canada.

Filmed & Edited by Justen Soule.

Why Create a BMX Web Zine?


Cutting right to the point, if you are a young gun Bmxer, this web zine is for you. The focus here is completely on younger Bmxers up to about age 15… park, street, trails, flatland… BMX Groms is a place to get high fives, so send us links to your pictures and edits and we may feature you. Look out for BMX grom rider profiles, bike checks – from guys who ride an 18″ like you, interviews of young guns who are killin it. We’re stoked.

Okay, now the longer answer…

Even though there are many BMX blogs and web zines out there, I found a lack of a forum for young gun Bmxers (up to about age 15), to share and progress. As the sport of BMX has come of age and the second generation of Bmxers are growing up, they are progressing much faster. This web zine fills a void, hopefully providing a safe, fun environment, that will have a positive influence on the sport of BMX, helping it to grow and prosper. One of the goals of BMX Groms is to give young guns a place to share, learn and progress at their level. Keep checking back and keep shreding… we have lots of plans we are stoked about.

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