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Dallas Light 11 Year Old BMX Rider


This video was produced by the St Cloud Area Convention and Visitor’s Bureau, in a series called LEGENDS of the CLOUD, featuring local athletes. Here at BMX Groms we think it is really awesome that Dallas Light and 11 year old BMXer, who totally kills it, is the feature for episode two. Dallas was on the US Lil pros tour. Once you get past the kind of boring intro, there is some amazing riding and comments from this shredder! Must watch!

Will Lewis Hogg BMX Clip


This is a short clip of UK BMXer Will Lewis Hogg. The manual and whip to tailtap are definitely worth a watch.

Cameron Eader 12 Year Old BMXer


This is Cameron Eader’s BMX Edit at the Charmcity Skatepark in Baltimore, Maryland. Lots of bangers in this edit, coming from a 12 year old. Check it out!

BMX How To Barspin with Lochlainn O’Leary


12 year old Lochlainn O’Leary gives a pretty detailed how-to barspin on a BMX. If you are learning or thinking of learning how to bar spin, there are some good tips here.

Disclaimer: We’re not suggesting you try this – safety is your responsibility. Ride within your level.

BMX Rider Jakub Benda


Jakub Benda is shredder from the Czech Republic. At 15 years old he is just about leaving the ranks of BMX Gromdom and it looks like he has a good future in BMX ahead. Must watch!

Below is Jakub’s edit from when he was 13, really cool to compare and see the progression over the last two years.

Jakub now rides for: Vehicle clothing, AGang bikes, 34R, Drift and TSG.

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