Kaden Stone 10 Year Old BMX Rider Interview


BMX Interview with 11 year old BMX Rider Kaden Stone on BMX Groms.Ok, let’s start off with your name and age: Kaden “DUBBY” Stone 10 years old
Where you live? Lake Elsinore Ca
You seem to spend lots of time at Ben’s backyard. How far is that from your house? It’s about an hour and 15min all depends on California traffic.
Who do you usually ride with there and how does that influence your riding? I ride with a lot of different people mostly Daniel Sandoval, Ryan Guettler, Kris Fox, Aj Anaya
Best time at Ben’s Backyard? Every time I go it’s the best time. Just to hang out with all of the guys and try new things.
Sponsors? VANS, Freegun, ODI, Sunday Bikes
What size bike do you ride? Sunday Primer 16
When do you think you will move up to the next size bike? Maybe in a few months I really have not grown much.
How old were you when you started to BMX and can you remember what motivated you to start? I started to ride bikes when I was 2. My dad would take me out to the little dirt jumps behind our house and let me go crazy. He always knew I needed something more so one day he decided to take me to the skate park. When we pulled up I got to see a young Daniel Sandoval blasting all over the place and thats when I was hooked and found my true love for BMX
How much time do you spend riding? I try to ride at least 3 days during the week and ride all weekend. Hopefully soon my backyard will be built up so I can ride all the time.

11 year old BMX Rider Kaden Stone

Kaden Stone blasting and casually dropping a hand.

What gets you really stoked to go out and ride BMX? Friends and helping others out paying it back.  I have been blessed to have pros help me out with everything in BMX and paying it back and having fun is the best part of BMX
Favorite Type of Riding? Park
You recently went to a pretty large contest at the Kitchen skatepark. What were the best times there? The whole trip was fun it was my first time away from my parents and my first time out of state for a comp. It was so cool to hang out with Brett and to see him on his bike and how he looks at life. I was really excited to be the youngest to do the step down as it was a huge accomplishment for me it was really scary and pushed me to overcome my fears.
Who did you travel with? I traveled with Daniel Sandoval, Ryan Guttler and my big bro Jared Stone
What tricks are on your list to learn next? I would like to take my double whips to the air and also get my flairs higher and bigger.
Have you had any bad injuries from BMX? Yes I have had a few. I broke my collar bone, broke my nose twice and also fractured my skull.

Kaden Stone young BMX Rider Personal Goal
Seems like you’ve had a pretty good start with BMX. Do you have any goals of what you’d like to achieve in BMX? I like to motivate other kids my age and give them the confidence that anything is possible if you just keep working and pushing yourself. My personal goal would be to go pro and be in xgames when I’m 15 and travel the world with my bike.
Do you have any advice for kids your age or younger who are just starting with BMX? Just find someone you enjoy to have around you and have fun!!! All the tricks will come in time just have fun and keep pushing your limits.
Do you have any shout outs or thanks? I would like to thank the companies that support me VANS, Freegun, ODI and Sunday bikes. Big shout out to Daniel Sandoval for all of his help the past 5 years and to all of the other pros that continue to help me progress. Aj , Ryan, Alex and many more.

Thanks Kaden!

Young BMX Rider Kaden Stone busts a tailwhip.