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6 Year Old Harry Schofield 2016 BMX Highlights

Watch 6 year old Harry Schofield shred all different kinds of bikes and hit big doubles, spines, and box jumps! (He also does some pretty sick 360 for his age!)

When your’e done watching the edit, check out Harry’s bike check here;

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Meet 6 Year Old BMXer Isaac Zimmer – Lil Pros BMX Tour Spotlight

Meet 6 year old BMX grom Isaac Zimmer, and join him for a special tour of his very unique local park, The Factory 24 Hour Bike Park in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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Jake Rutkowitz 6 Years Old – BMX Road Trip Edit

6 year old Jake Rutkowitz takes a road trip to Texas and hits up some fun skateparks. This little shredder kills it on a BMX! Hit play!

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BMX Capture of the Week: Gavin Rodriguez

BMX “Capture of the Week” goes out to Gavin Rodriguez, Age 6, killin this jumpline.

Send in your pictures for BMX “Capture of the Week” on BMXgroms.com to submit@bmxgroms.com (To be featured your pictures must be larger than instagram size – so email the full size one in.)

Gavin Rodriguez 6 year old BMX Rider

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