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BMX Tricks with Japanese BMX Rider Rhyme

Check out this rad footage of 9 year old BMX rider Rhyme from Japan riding flatland and park.

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Will Fraser – 9 Year Old BMX Edit

Check out 9 year old BMX rider Will Fraser killing it in his new edit.

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Marco dos Santos: 9 year old Bmx Rider

Marco dos Santos , 9 year old Bmx Rider for Cromoly, TnT, Sportfiilm & Kool Kids Ride Bikes.

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BMX Capture of the Week – July 28: Jack Parkin

Jack “lil ripper” Parkin from Woodlands, Texas, takes BMX Groms “Capture of the Week” for July 28, 2015. He is 9 years old. He is jumping the trails at Hilltop Ranch in Willis, TX on his 20″ black Cult frame.

Send in your pictures for BMX “Capture of the Week” on BMXgroms.com to submit@bmxgroms.com (To be featured your pictures must be larger than instagram size – so email the full size one in.)

9 Year old BMX Rider Jack Parkin hitting a BMX trails set for BMX Groms Capture of the Week

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9 year old Luke Hammerquist BMX Edit

9 year old Luke Hammerquist roasting transition and spinning 540’s. That last clip is how you ride a resi! Instagram @smallvikingbmx

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