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BMX Grom Power Hour with 11 year old Marcus Christopher


We dropped by Marcus’ house to hang out and shoot some pictures and clips in his boss backyard. That visit turned into a power hour with Marcus Christopher and this unplanned edit, which will blow your mind. Marcus pulled almost every trick first try… backflips, flairs, flip whips… this kid is rad. This is a must watch.

Check out Marcus’ interview with BMX Groms.

Uk Lil Pros Tour BMX – Rush Skatepark


Lil Pros BMX Tour –¬†The Lil Pros UK BMX Tour hits up Rush Skatepark located in Stroud, England. From 8-14 years old, watch these talented kids throw down on Rush’s very dialed wooden pump track/trail section, and bowl/street areas. And as usual, you may even see a few special guest pros as well.

Riders: George Batty, Max Carley, Troy Hayward, Jack Maguire, Anthony Duffy, Oakley Way, Reef Way, Joshua Cunningham, Will Hogg
Host: Dustin Grice
Filming/Editing: Matt Nicklen/Dustin Grice

Lucas Sheekey 2014 BMX Edit


Lucas put a lot of time into this edit and there is definately some gnar stuff in here. Check it out! Filmed At Rom Skatepark, Corby Skatepark, My Ramp, Canvey Skatepark. Hit play yo!


Rylan Kindness 12 Years Old BMX Edit


Rylan Kindness is a rad 12 year old BMX rider from Brisbane Australia, he is currently sponsored by X-Rated Helmets, most people call him PANDA.

Cam Girvin BMX Street Edit 2014


This BMX Street edit with Cam Girvin is a must watch. Cam is only 16 years old, fearless on a bike and landing some completely gnar stuff. Check it.

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