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Rhyme BMX: 8 year old BMX rider from Japan


Check out 8 year old Rhyme’s two latest BMX edits. One is a combination of street and flat and the other is a mini BMX edit. The street/flat edit is RAD!

Minto Sato 10 Year Old BMX Flatland Rider Edit


Minto Sato is a 10 Year Old BMX grom from Japan who kills it at BMX flatland. Edit by York Uno.

Flatland BMX: Yu Katagiri Summer Vacation 2015


Yu Katagiri is a young flatland grom from Japan who is killin it on the front wheel, in this new summer vacation edit by Zols ETM. Amazing to see him turbining on his front wheel so well. Hit play.

Yu Katagiri 9 Year Old Flatlander Edit


Yu Katagiri 9 year old flatland BMX rider from Nagaoka Niigata Japan. Hit that play button.

9 year old BMX Flatlander Yu Katagiri


Japanese BMX grom Yu Katagiri is nine years old and has only been riding for 2 years. This is awesome! 

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