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FISE World BMX Contest Chengdu China


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By Dorian Giordano – Instagram: dorian_bmx

Dorian Giordano and Rylan Kindness in China at FISE WorldChina was such an awesome experience, it starts with a really long plane ride – mine was all together 23hrs with a stop over in San Francisco, which was cool cause then I connected on the plane with Daniel Dhers… but he was in first class cause he was a pro… hopefully one day I’ll get to be up there too😆😈

It’s a really different culture and hardly anyone speaks English. When we asked the driver to bring us to the clothes market somehow we ended up getting dropped off at the fish market..lol. The toilets are actually just holes in the floor that you step over even in McDonald’s, that was definitely different. What was cool was that I went with Daniel Dyers, Alex Schuyler and Cho a Red Bull rider from Taiwan and we went to the Panda Sanctuary and were able to see so many PANDAS even babies. Plus Chengdu has some of the most amazing street spots I’ve ever seen. Me, Jaden, Alex Mollaev and Arsenay were riding all over the place.

FISE Chengdu this year had the best of the best riders because so many were coming to compete and qualify for UCI. So it was such an amazing experience to meet and ride with so many of my friends and idols from around the world. Even though a lot of us didn’t speak the same language, we all spoke BMX and we all just hung out and rode and swapped bikes, it was just such an amazing experience. Winning the gold was pretty awesome but actually we were all cheering each other on and it wasn’t the competitive vibe I’ve been feeling at other events, that’s why I took a big break from competing for a while, I just wanted to go back to riding for fun and not focus on anything else than just having fun, supporting my homies and just getting that stoke back. Meeting everyone was the highlight of the trip and I’m so glad my grandparents sent me as my grad present because I have memories for a whole lifetime.

The people in Chengdu were amazing, they kept taking pictures with me and Jaden and Iki and even kept giving me their babies to hold to take pictures with!

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Dorian Giordano China FISE World
Dorian Giordano Iki Mazza China FISE World

Dorian Giordano China FISE World

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