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How to Get Started Riding BMX With Lil Pros Tour BMX


Ever wondered what the best way to get started in BMX was? Well Dustin Grice put together this 35 minute long tutorial on how to go about getting started in BMX! Once you’ve watched this video you can also check out some of our how-tos detailing the best way to master the BMX basics! Right Here!

BMX How-To: Air a Quarterpipe


In this How To Nahum Billington (Instagram: @chimpbmx) gives you some tips on how-to air a Quarterpipe for BMX Groms.

If you are just getting started in BMX, this how-to starts from the basics and gives you some tips for airing over the coping.

*Wear safety gear, check your equipment and stay in your comfort zone. We are not suggesting you try this… do so at your own risk.

BMX How To Barspin with Lochlainn O’Leary


12 year old Lochlainn O’Leary gives a pretty detailed how-to barspin on a BMX. If you are learning or thinking of learning how to bar spin, there are some good tips here.

Disclaimer: We’re not suggesting you try this – safety is your responsibility. Ride within your level.

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