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Sunday Radocaster 18 Inch BMX Frame and Fork Test


BMX Groms Sunday Radocaster 18 inch BMX Frame and Fork Test and Review

The 18″ Sunday Radocaster is a unique frame and fork set offered by Sunday for the serious up-and-coming shredder. If you are into BMX and an average size 9 – 12 year old, this review is a “must read”.

This is the first year the Radocaster has been offered, so we were very interested to see what it would ride like. It features Sunday’s well thought out proportional frame geometry and slew of other features, such as:

  • Full chromoly throughout.
  • 8mm hollow dropouts.
  • Removable braking hardware.

Sunday build features like:

  • A miter cut top tube.
  • Reinforcing gusset at the down tube/head tube junction.

The fork:

  • One-piece, integrated-ready steerer tube.
  • Full-chromoly construction throughout.
  • Responsive 25mm fork rake.

At BMX Groms we were stoked to test an 18 inch frame where the company had seriously taken the time to consider every aspect of the frame including the geometry. Young riders are progressing quickly and companies are going to have to put the same amount the thought and design time into smaller frames, as they do into the common “20 inch” frames.

Sunday Radocaster 18 inch BMX frame and fork set as tested by BMX Groms.

Sunday Radocaster 18 inch BMX frame and fork set as tested by BMX Groms.

Bike Build and Finish

We had no problems building the frame and fork set up, all of our standard 18″ parts fit well. The frame uses a mid-bottom bracket and integrated headset. The finish looks good and the paint lasted well for our entire test which lasted for over a month. The frame comes in blue and the forks in black, unfortunately there are not other colour choices, but this is a higher end product for serious riders so we wouldn’t expect it to come in something like four colour choices.

BMX Groms Test

We choose two rad 11 year old BMX riders put the bike through some serious punishment.

Dorian Giordano, (Instagram: @dorian_bmx), was the smaller of the two riders. He regularly rides a 16″ BMX, so it was going to be interesting to see how he adapted to the larger 18″ Radocaster build. Unfortunately Dorian ended up with an injury just before our bike test, but he was still able to have a good session on the bike at Joyride 150 and give us some feedback. Dorian said the bike felt really good and that it was good for mannies, boxes and bike control and getting some nice height.

Nahum Billington, (Instagram: @chimpbmx), our other test rider usually rides an average geometry 18″ inch BMX. We were very interested to see how he adapted to Sunday’s proportional geometry. The Radocaster was a shorter frame overall, with a shorter rear triangle and a slightly longer top tube length. He adapted to the bike really quickly and on the first day was getting higher hops, better manuals, spins and learnt half cabs. In no time he was blasting 4 foot quarter pipe airs. When it came to hitting really large box jumps it took more of an adjustment, the shorter frame feeling more twitchy. However, at Joyride 150 Nahum found it easier to clear the box jumps on the Radocaster compared to his regular ride.

Nahum cranks an X-Up over a 7ft quarter on board the Sunday Radocaster 18" BMX Frame.

Nahum cranks an X-Up over a 7ft quarter on board the Sunday Radocaster 18″ BMX Frame.

Here is what Nahum had to say about the Radocaster:

The Sunday Radocaster is a really awesome 18” bike. The Radocaster frame gives the rider a bit more support because it is full chromoly. The shorter rear triangle on the bike lets you pop up unto your manuals easier. You can also¬† hop higher on the bike. The Sunday was also really good on the box jumps. The frame gives a lot more bike control because it is more twichy. I find on the bike you can spin a lot faster, than the 18” inch frames with long rear triangles. The forks are nice because they are full chromoly tappered forks, which lets you rely on them more. The color blue on the Sunday Radocaster is a good color for the bike. I also like the design of the graphics on it. Overall the Sunday is an awesome bike for riders that want a good bike with the right geometry.

Sunday Radocaster BMX Review Comment

Should you buy the Radocaster?

If you are a rad 18″ BMX rider who really wants to progress you should definitely be taking a serious look at the Radocaster. We feel that for the majority of riders the geometry will help them to progress. We actually watched our test rider Nahum, progress significantly during the month of riding the bike. If you are an insane trails rider who hits pro size transitions you may feel more comfortable on a longer frame, depending on your size.

Priced at under $300 in the USA.

Ryan Slusher 18 Inch BMX Sunday Radocaster Bike Check

Ryan Slusher's 18 inch bmx bike check Sunday RadocasterBMX Groms caught up with Ryan Slusher, an 11 year old shredder from California who is lucky to be riding the new Sunday BMX prototype Radocaster 18 inch frame. Every detail on his ride is totally dialled in and we thought it would be super useful for all the groms out there to check out this setup. (Just be careful you don’t drool on your keyboard too much.)
Name: Ryan Slusher
Age: 11
Height: 4’8″
Weight: 70 lbs.
Home town: Auburn Ca.
Sponsors: Sunday Bikes, FDV Clothing.
Ryan Slusher's 18 inch bmx bike check Sunday Radocaster front view.You are riding the new Sunday Radocaster frame and fork. How does it feel?
The Sunday 18″ Radocaster feels awesome and is light weight. It is a full chromo frame and fork with removable brake tabs and hollow drop outs.
What do you mainly like to ride (Park, Street, Trails, Dirt, Everything)?
I mostly ride park and street but am starting to ride dirt jumps too.
Frame: Sunday 18″ Radocaster prototype
Fork: Sunday Radocaster
Bars: Shadow Vultus 7.5″
Stem: Ciari Parts Top load 45mm
Grips: ODI Long neck
Bar ends: ODI
Seatpost: Demolition pivotal
Seat: S&M Directors seat. Cushioned microfiber
Cranks: Odyssey Thunderbolt flatware 160mm
Sprocket: Odyssey Killington 25t
Chain: Gold KMC
Wheels: Odyssey Antigram oil slick LHD Hubs laced with Rainbow Titanium spokes to 18″ Alienation Black Sheep outers.
Tires: Salt Strike 2.125″
Pedals: Pro Form sealed metal
Pegs: Demolition Dumb Chuck
Ryan Slusher riding the 18 inch Sunday Radocaster BMX BikeBrakes: Odyssey mono lever, Snafu gyro, Demolition brake arms.
Any modifications/extras?
Givin the opportunity to ride the Sunday 18″ Radocaster test frame, my focus was to build a strong, light weight bike. I’m real happy with how the bike feels. Being a full Chromo frame and fork makes a big difference to a smaller rider like me. The bike complete weighs in at 21.3 lbs.
Anything else you would like to say?
I would like to thank Jim Cielencki, Jim Bauer, Chris Cotsonas and everybody at Sunday bikes for the opportunity to ride such an awesome bike.

Ryan Slusher's 18 inch Sunday Radocaster BMX Bike Detail

Ryan Slusher's 18 inch Sunday Radocaster BMX Bike Detail

Sunday Radocaster 18″ Frame Sneak Peak!


This is so boss. Sneak Peak of the Sunday Radocaster 18″ frame (fork coming too)! Same geometry as the 18″ Sunday Primer which Sunday researched for smaller shredders. This is for real – full CR-MO with hollow dropouts and removable brake hardware! Awesome to see a company taking groms seriously! Coming end of summer / fall! Sunday is still working on the colours and graphics. What would you like to see?


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