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Brandon Sever 2 Years of Riding BMX


14 yr. old BMX rider Brandon Sever Produced an edit after riding for 2 years. Tons of sweet riding in this edit! Hit play.

Marek Kuhalskis at Troya Skatepark


Marek Kuhalskis is a 13 yr old BMX Rider. Marek does some sick moves in this short BMX street edit.

Lil Pros BMX Tour – GC Compound, Austrailia


Lil Pros BMX Tour at GC Compound.

11 year old flip whips and 360 flips? Get ready for this one… Australia’s GC Compound Skatepark has been known to crank out many of the world’s best BMX riders, along with an endless number of the world’s newest and most insane BMX tricks. They’ve put one of the biggest dents into our sport these past few years, just wait until you see what the next generation is doing here in the Gold Coast…
Filming/Editing: Dustin Grice

Vans BMX Argentina – Iñaki Mazza​ – 14 years old


Iñaki Mazza​ 14 year old BMX grom welcome to Vans Argentina! Iñaki Mazza​ kills it with flips whips and over trail set, 270 Indian set grabs and so much more! This is a Must Watch!!!

Luigi Galblati Welcome to Frontocean BMX Store


Luigi Galblati a 15 year old bmx grom htting the streets for Frontocean BMX Store. Some super smooth street lines in this. Must watch!

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