WeThePeople Alpha Series: 12″ – 18″ BMX Bikes


WeThePeople have just dropped their 2016 BMX lineup and we’re stoked to see they have put together 3 great bikes for younger riders. If you are not tall enough (under 5 feet) to comfortably ride a 20″ BMX, WeThePeople has something for you in 12, 16 or 18.

Here is what we thought from reviewing the look, specs and geometry and these bikes.

WeThePeople’s bikes always look amazing and they put a lot of attention to detail – their smallest sized line is no exception. If you show up at the skatepark on one of these, there are definitely going to be some locals checking out your ride. Hey, it’s great to feel good about how your bike looks. These are “entry level bikes” but they don’t look like it and won’t ride like it. For the majority of riders under 13 years old these bikes will be strong enough for everything you can put them through. Plus you’ll progress much faster and have way more fun if you get a BMX that fits your size properly and WeThePeople has made it easy to do.

WeThePeople 12 Inch BMX 2016

WeThePeople 12 inch BMX Easy Reach Brake Lever

Attention to detail here. WeThePeople’s easy reach brake lever for little hands.

12″ Prime

The 12″ Prime is such a rad looking little bike and it is well thought out. Any kid under 3 feet tall is going to have a blast on this thing. The bike is mostly built out of hi-tensile steel, which should be more than adequate strength for this size of rider – but even the forks have a formed crmo steerer tube – one part you don’t want to break. Other highlights include alloy 3-piece cranks, easy reach brake lever, low maintenance sealed bottom bracket, 9 tooth driver, smaller 83mm pegs, one piece combo seat and a prime wheelset. 15.2 pounds without pegs. When you’re done pass it onto your little brother or sister.

12" BMX with rad little 3 piece cranks.

12″ BMX with rad little 3 piece cranks.

16″ Seed

WeThePeople 16" BMX 2016 Colours

Chrome WeThePeople 16" seed.

Chrome WeThePeople 16″ seed.

Over 3 feet tall, but not getting near 4? Try out the WeThePeople 16” seed. We love both colourways, the chrome and blue is super clean and the black and red a bit more hardcore. Again WeThePeople has thought this through with features like pedals designed for smaller feet and smaller 85mm pegs and responsive geometry to aid progression. Other highlights include, crmo steerer tube on the forks, crmo 3-piece cranks, 16” “Valon” rims, 2.2” SALT strike tires on the front and rear and a one piece combo seat.

18″ Curse

WeThePeople 2016 BMX 18" Colours
WeThePeople 2016 Curse RAW BMXIf you’re close to 4 feet and under 5, you’ll want to take the 18″ Curse for a ride. Every shredder likes colour choice and the 18” Curse comes in 3 rad colourways. My favourite is the raw/polished and green, but the hardcore black and bright red also look killer. As the riders for this size are getting larger, WeThePeople have beefed up the frame a bit by adding a crmo downtube, and the forks have a 4130 crmo steerer like the other two. There is a pivotal seat, 2.2” SALT strike tires, fully sealed cassette hub and crmo cranks with sealed bottom bracket. This bike will help you progress and get you ready for that 20” BMX. If you already air several feet out, are clearing big boxes or trails sets you may want to build a custom full crmo 18″ BMX, but otherwise this will be a great ride. 22.7 pounds without pegs.

Last Word

For smaller riders, getting a BMX that fits their size is the most important factor when choosing a bike. WeThePeople look like they’ve spent some time getting it right. These bikes will definitely help little shredders progress.