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4 year old BMX twins Shredin!


Jake and Theo BMX riding (and crashing) their bikes over the last few months in New Zealand!

12 year old BMXER Braeden Davis Shreds his Backyard Ramp


Check out 12 year old Braeden Davis as he shreds his backyard ramp. Such as boss setup! Must watch!

Interview with BMX Rider Lily Melluso


BMX Groms interview with Lili a Girl BMX riderIt’s really sweet to see a grom girl BMX rider who is totally into the sport. Keep reading and find out why Lily got into BMX, where she rides and what inspires her.

How did you get into BMX?

Lily: I went to summer camp at Joyride 150 and I really liked biking so I bought my own bike and got a membership. And I now ride every day. The bike was like $400 and I got a bunch of new parts to make it lighter. I wouldn’t be able to clear big ramps or do good tricks; it’s just harder with a heavy bike.

How long have you been riding?

Lily: 6 months

What are your favourite places to practice?

Lily: Joyride 150.

Who inspires you to ride?

Lily: Drew Bezanson’s really inspiring. He is my favourite rider.

And your favourite female rider?

Lily: Peta Shephard.

How about competing, did you enjoy the Spring Toronto BMX Jam?

Lily: Yeah, it’s been really fun!


Lili girl bmx rider no footer bmxer


Lili girl bmx rider interview


(Thanks to Sonya at who originally did the interview and Robin Sutherland who took the pictures!)

15 Year Old Jack Straiton – Spring 2014 BMX Edit


15 year old Jack Straiton from Cocoa Beach Florida at Orlando Skatepark and Merritt Island Skatepark. Jack is currently supported by Monster Army and Legit Crown. Must watch!

Ares Bikes STN BMX Flatland Kids Model


These kids shredding flat are definitely worth a watch. O yeah, the flatland BMX Ares Bikes look pretty sweet too.

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