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Mark Taylor 15 Year Old BMX Edit


15 year old Mark Taylor once again pulling out an absolute banger. The edit speaks for itself. Filmed in broken periods over 2013, whilst trying to dodge GCSEs, a fractured hand, two bike setups, two cameras and A LOT of refilming and re-editing. Mark is clearly one to look out for in the future with a ridiculous bag of tricks and good style. Filmed predominantly at XC Skatepark in Hemel Hempstead UK.

Larry Hatter, 14 year old Bmxer, iphone BMX Edit


Larry Hatter sent in this edit with clips he had from over the summer 2013 from Woodward, Cranx, and other parks as well.

Jake Blais – 12 year old – 2014 BMX Video


Motovation Films presents 12 year old Jake Blais’ 2014 bmx edit filmed in Tucson, Arizona.

Lil Pros UK BMX Tour – Day 1 – Rob Ridge’s Trick Factory


Watch out kids, the UK is coming in hot… Kicking off our Lil Pros UK Tour at Rob Ridge’s Trick Factory, right out of the gate these 8-13 year olds easily made a statement with 3 whip trains, handplants, 540’s, and oppo bar airs… Look forward to seeing the next two edits at Prevail Skatehouse and Rush Skatepark.

Riders: George Batty, Max Carley, Troy Hayward, Jack Maguire, Anthony Duffy, Oakley Way, Reef Way, Joshua Cunningham
Special Thanks: Trick Factory in Bridport, Rob Ridge, Matt Nicklen N2T, Damian, Georgia, Parents, Locals
Sponsors: Total BMX, Link Foundation, BMX Plus! Magazine, #BMXLIFEAPP, Stay Strong BMX, The Factory, Entity BMX Shop, Fat BMX, Dan’s Competition
Host: Dustin Grice

Want to be on the next Lil Pros BMX Tour?


Dakota Christopherson Winter 2013-2014 BMX Edit


Congrats to Dakota Christopherson for placing 1st in qualifying at the Toronto BMX Jam. This is Dakota’s edit he just put out, filmed in three days at Jamestown’s Soaring Up Skatepark. This BMXer is 14 years old.

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