Bryce Tryon BMX Bike Check

BMX Groms Bike Check with Bryce Tryon

BMX Groms Bike Check with Bryce Tryon Front View

Name: Bryce Tryon
Age: 14
Ht: 5’3
Wt: 120

Where to you call home?


Favorite style of riding (Dirt,street,park,trails,vert) ?
|#2 VERT Really like flying!!
#3 Trails

Do you have any advice for kids starting out in BMX?
RIDE TO HAVE FUN!! Don’t focus on big tricks!! Work on your bike control first!! Just keep riding tho!!

When did you first get into BMX and what size bike did you ride?
STARTED DOING TRICKS ON A 12″ at 3.5yrs old. (Standing on my seat with 1 foot stuff like that) lol Then I got a 16″ Haro then 16″ Mirraco. Didn’t go to a skate park with a bike until I was eight years old.

You recently switched from an 18″inch bike to a 20″inch bike. Was it a hard transition?
Well,I was on an 18 inch and broke my leg. Didn’t ride a bike for a full year!! I grew 4 inches during that year. So it seemed like the right time to make the switch to a 20″. CULT makes a 19.8″ Butter that worked awesome. I switched to the CULT SOS 20.5″ when it came out. It’s PERFECT for me! The shorter rear-end makes it Really easy to land the tricks that I like to do on it!!

Any words of advice for kids wanting to, or scared to move up to a bigger size bike?
It only takes like a week or two to get used to a bigger size bike. You’ll have the tricks you have on your smaller bike in no time!!

BMX Groms Bike Check with Bryce Tryon. Bryce at Woodward.


Frame: CULT SOS 20.5″


Bars size: CULT Leader ( 8.5 ) rise

Stem: CULT Salvation V2

Grips: CULT DAK Grips

Pedals: SPANK SPIKES (MTB) pedals

Seat: CULT DAK Fat seat

Cranks: CULT OS cranks w/TI spindle (175 mm)

Sprocket: CULT Member spline drive sprocket 28t

Tires: Tioga street block (front/rear) 20×2.25

Pegs: Demolition Dumbchuck V3

Hubs: Profile SS mini’s (front and rear) Lft.hnd drive w/TI DRIVER

BMX Groms Bike Check with Bryce Tryon - rear wheel.




Brakes: Odyssey EVO II arms and Odyssey M2 lever , SNAFU gyro

Any modifications to your bike? Drilled frame for Gyro tabs, left-hand drive because I grind on the right.

BMX Groms Bike Check with Bryce Tryon - rear wheel top view.

Shout-outs or Thanks?
Thank You BMX GROMS for asking me to do this bike check!

Thank you CULT bikes, FREEGUN, VANS, ALIENATION BMX and KALI Protectives and Robby’s bike shop.
Biggest Thanks to my Mom & Dad for supporting me in my dream and always being there for me. No matter what! Shout-out to all my BMX Homies that I ride with or have helped me!! Mike, Jeremy, C.C., Tatin, Nick, Pap, Matt, Isaac, Cam, Ryan, Dennis, Chad #Lodilocals Kevin, Woodward West
Nikita, Dustin, Uncle Don and Rhonda

New edit should be out with in a month. Make sure you check it out!
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Facebook: Bryce Tryon

Thanks BMX GROMS for the opportunity!!

BMX Groms Bike Check with Bryce Tryon. Bryce Lookback at US Vans Open

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