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BMX Sizing and Transitioning to the Next Size Bike


Part of a special BMX Groms project documenting changing from an 18″ BMX to a 20″ BMX. Tips on BMX sizing and moving from one size BMX to the next as you grow. Check out the BMX sizing guide. Huge thanks to Nahum Billington and Sunday Bikes for helping with this project.

BMX Groms Official BMX Bike Sizing Guide


What size BMX Bike should I ride?

We’ve tracked some of the raddest BMX Groms in the world, as they’ve progressed, grown and moved from one bike size to another. These are the bike sizes that these shredders are most comfortable riding and if you want to progress like they are, have fun and stay safer – take a serious look at this BMX bike sizing guide.

Thanks to the many kids and parents, who have provided the input to help make this guide possible. One of the number one reasons – maybe the number one reason – for younger riders getting discouraged and quitting BMX, is being bought a bike for them to “grow into”. Get a bike the right size – not one to grow into!

Tips on transitioning from one size to the next.

BMX Groms official BMX Bike sizing guide infographic, which answers the question, what size BMX bike should I ride? A 12 inch, 14", 16", 18" or 20"

Rylan Kindness Colony Sweet Tooth 20″ BMX Bike Check


Rylan Kindness Colony Sweet Tooth 20" BMX Bike Check BMX Groms

Rylan Kindness Colony Sweet Tooth 20" BMX Bike Check BMX Groms Rear TriangleName: Rylan Kindness
Age: 13
Height: 1.6m
Hometown: Brisbane
Sponsors: XRH, GC compound
Which size BMX did you start riding on: I started riding on a 16 inch BMX bike that my dad got for me when I was 8 and rode it till I snapped it in half. Then when I was 10 I bought a 20 inch BMX bike and have stayed on a 20 inch.
Do you have any advice for kids choosing a bike to start BMX? I definitely made the mistake of buying a bike that was too big for me so the best advice I could give would be to buy a bike that is the right size for you. It doesn’t have be a custom bike with expensive gear on it just something simple that you can learn on and progress on.
When do you think you will move up to a 20″ BMX? I have been riding a 20 inch for about 2 or 3 years now and I feel like it gives me a lot of room to move around on. I have never ridden an 18 inch because 20 inch bikes have always seemed more appealing to me with bigger wheels so I can get more speed for bigger tricks.
Favourite type of riding? (eg. park, street, trails, etc) I love to ride all types of style but I defiantly love to ride the GC compound which is a park setup. I do like to ride trails every now and then but there are not too many around where I live and street is fun and challenging for me which I like.

Rylan Kindness Colony Sweet Tooth 20" BMX Bike Check BMX Groms Overall
Rylan Kindness Colony Sweet Tooth 20" BMX Bike Check BMX Groms SeatFrame / Size: Colony sweet tooth 19.8
Fork: Macneil
Bars / Size: Total world peace bars Size: 8.25″ rise / 28.5″ wide
Stem: 34R top loader stem
Grips: ODI
Bar ends: ODI
Headset: Odyssey
Clamp: Total
Seat post: Total
Seat: Total
Cranks and Arm Length: Profile Race Cranks / crank arm size 175mm
Sprocket and Size: Colony CC sprocket 28 tooth
Chain: Odyssey Blue Bird
Front Tire: Maxis Grifter
Front Wheel: Profile elites
Rear Tire: maxis Grifter
Rear Wheel: profile elites
Pedals: snafu
Pegs: I don’t ride pegs at the moment
Brakes: 34R
Brake Lever: Odyssey
Any other special details or stories about your bike or parts? one little modification my Dad did for me was make a rubber washer out of a piece of the GC compound resi that goes between bottom bracket bearings and the bb spacer which stops the cranks from spinning which is really helpful in flip whips. Overall I love the way my bike is and every time I go to the skate park I look forward to riding it.

Rylan Kindness Colony Sweet Tooth 20" BMX Bike Check BMX Groms Crankset


Jack Straiton | Progression 2014


16 year old BMXer Jack Straiton destroys it in this edit for Colony BMX. From rollback frontflips to whip-whip back 360’s to flair whips this kids has it all! This is a MUST WATCH!!!

Bryce Tryon BMX Bike Check


BMX Groms Bike Check with Bryce Tryon

BMX Groms Bike Check with Bryce Tryon Front View

Name: Bryce Tryon
Age: 14
Ht: 5’3
Wt: 120

Where to you call home?


Favorite style of riding (Dirt,street,park,trails,vert) ?
|#2 VERT Really like flying!!
#3 Trails

Do you have any advice for kids starting out in BMX?
RIDE TO HAVE FUN!! Don’t focus on big tricks!! Work on your bike control first!! Just keep riding tho!!

When did you first get into BMX and what size bike did you ride?
STARTED DOING TRICKS ON A 12″ at 3.5yrs old. (Standing on my seat with 1 foot stuff like that) lol Then I got a 16″ Haro then 16″ Mirraco. Didn’t go to a skate park with a bike until I was eight years old.

You recently switched from an 18″inch bike to a 20″inch bike. Was it a hard transition?
Well,I was on an 18 inch and broke my leg. Didn’t ride a bike for a full year!! I grew 4 inches during that year. So it seemed like the right time to make the switch to a 20″. CULT makes a 19.8″ Butter that worked awesome. I switched to the CULT SOS 20.5″ when it came out. It’s PERFECT for me! The shorter rear-end makes it Really easy to land the tricks that I like to do on it!!

Any words of advice for kids wanting to, or scared to move up to a bigger size bike?
It only takes like a week or two to get used to a bigger size bike. You’ll have the tricks you have on your smaller bike in no time!!

BMX Groms Bike Check with Bryce Tryon. Bryce at Woodward.


Frame: CULT SOS 20.5″


Bars size: CULT Leader ( 8.5 ) rise

Stem: CULT Salvation V2

Grips: CULT DAK Grips

Pedals: SPANK SPIKES (MTB) pedals

Seat: CULT DAK Fat seat

Cranks: CULT OS cranks w/TI spindle (175 mm)

Sprocket: CULT Member spline drive sprocket 28t

Tires: Tioga street block (front/rear) 20×2.25

Pegs: Demolition Dumbchuck V3

Hubs: Profile SS mini’s (front and rear) Lft.hnd drive w/TI DRIVER

BMX Groms Bike Check with Bryce Tryon - rear wheel.




Brakes: Odyssey EVO II arms and Odyssey M2 lever , SNAFU gyro

Any modifications to your bike? Drilled frame for Gyro tabs, left-hand drive because I grind on the right.

BMX Groms Bike Check with Bryce Tryon - rear wheel top view.

Shout-outs or Thanks?
Thank You BMX GROMS for asking me to do this bike check!

Thank you CULT bikes, FREEGUN, VANS, ALIENATION BMX and KALI Protectives and Robby’s bike shop.
Biggest Thanks to my Mom & Dad for supporting me in my dream and always being there for me. No matter what! Shout-out to all my BMX Homies that I ride with or have helped me!! Mike, Jeremy, C.C., Tatin, Nick, Pap, Matt, Isaac, Cam, Ryan, Dennis, Chad #Lodilocals Kevin, Woodward West
Nikita, Dustin, Uncle Don and Rhonda

New edit should be out with in a month. Make sure you check it out!
Follow me @TRYONBMX or
Facebook: Bryce Tryon

Thanks BMX GROMS for the opportunity!!

BMX Groms Bike Check with Bryce Tryon. Bryce Lookback at US Vans Open

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