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SPACE ARK BMX Takumi Isogai – 12 years old


12 year old BMX flatlander Takumi Isogai from Japan definetly has a bright future! This is a must watch!

C3 Flatland Jam Osaka Japan 2014


The flatland scene in Japan is insane. So many shedders! This jam looked like nothing but good times! Lookout for these up and coming bmx flatland groms from Japan!

BMX Flatland School in Germany


Markus Schwital put on a flatland school in Germany. BMX Groms is stoked on this! This is a photo of Markus with all the super motivated kids. He is getting ready for a contest on June 1. If you are in the area check it out. Can’t wait to hear more.

Markus Schwital's flatland BMX School in Germany

Ares Bikes STN BMX Flatland Kids Model


These kids shredding flat are definitely worth a watch. O yeah, the flatland BMX Ares Bikes look pretty sweet too.

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