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Kehler Colon BMX Bike Check


Kehler Colon, 14 Year Old BMX Rider Bike Check

We met Kehler roasting bowl lines at Camp Woodward this summer during grom week. Kehler started racing BMX, before he got into freestyle and it shows in his riding, dude knows how to pump a transition and get some boost. If you’re just around 5 feet tall, check out Kehler’s setup for bike sizing.

Name: Kehler Colon
Age: 14
Height: 5ft 4″
Weight: 120lbs
Where do you call home: I live in south jersey. Hard to find any riding spots near here ever since the incline club closed.
Best bmx memory so far this year: Going to Woodward East for a week was by far the best memory so far. Learned some new stuff and got to meat a ton of new people.
Favorite type of riding: My favorite type of riding is park, however since there isn’t many parks near me I ride street and trails a lot more.
Funnest trick: My favorite trick is probably a tail whip or a bearskin hard to choose.
Favorite places to ride: I like riding Woodward the most especially lot 8.
Pro bmx rider that gets you stoked: I like Logan Martin’s style the best he definitely makes me want to ride more.
Kehler Colon, Colony BMX Bike Check

Kehler BMX Bike Check Front View Head Tube and Profile Stem
Frame: Colony sweet tooth 19.8tt
Fork: Odyssey r32 fork
Bars: Kink human bars 18.75 rise 29 wide cut to 27.5
Stem: Profile acoustic stem 48mm reach
Grips: Odi super soft grips
Bar ends: Odi
Cranks: Profile column cranks 165mm
Sprocket: madera galaxy sprocket 28t
Chain: KMC chain
Front tire: Maxxis grifter tire 20×2.1
Front wheel: G sport ribcage rim with colony spokes
Front hub: profile mini hub
Rear tire: Maxxis grifter tire 20×2.1
Rear wheel: Gsport ribcage rim
Rear hub: profile mini hub
Shout out or thanks: Id like to thank my mom and my dad for supporting my riding and everything they’ve don’t along the way to help me get to where I am now!

Kehler BMX bike-check front view.

Kehler BMX Colony Bike Check Front Wheel and Profile Hub

BMX Bike Check Kehler Drive Train

BMX Bike Check Kehler Drive Train

Shunsuke Jimbo Total BMX Voltron 18″ Bike Check


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Shunsuke Jimbo - Total BMX Voltron 18" Bike Check

Shunsuke Jimbo - Total BMX Voltron 18" Bike Check

Name: Shunsuke Jimbo

Age: 12 years old

Height: 145cm (4’9″)

Favourite place to ride? Park and Trails. I love to ride Kugenuma Skatepark and Shin-Yokohama Skatepark.

Which trick do you want to learn next? Flair

How often do you practise riding? Everyday. But there is no park near my house. So I often practice bmx in front of my house except on Saturdays and Sundays.

Best BMX memory?
When I landed backflip for the first time. It was when I was 9 years old.

Frame / Size: TOTAL BMX VOLTRON 18″

Why did you choose that frame? It’s Mark Webb Signature. I respect him. He is so cool.




Total BMX Voltron 18 Inch Build DetailGrips: CULT×VANS WAFFLE GRIP (GLOW-IN-DARK)




Sprocket / Number of Teeth: TREE LITE SPLOCKET SPLINE DRIVE 25T

Chain: CULT “C121” CHAIN

Tires:SALT TRACER TIRE 18″x2.20″, DUO SVS TIRE 18″x2.10″







Detangler: ODYSSEY GTX-S

Special Bike Customizations: @jbros_bmx ORIGINAL STICKER 🙂

Shout outs or thanks?I want to ride at Woodward one day!

Big thanks to BMXGROMS!! Thank you for this opportunity, and you watching my videos and give me a comment. I’m very happy to be complimented by you. Thanks to my sponsor, Cool clothes UNIT @unit / @jbros_bmx original sticker Adplanning Co., Ltd. Thank you for Dad, Mom and lil brother. They take me to the skatepark and teach me and pushing me.

Total BMX Voltron 18 Inch Build Overall

Total BMX Voltron 18 Inch Build Detail Bars

Total BMX Voltron 18 Inch Build Detail Drivetrain Cranks

Total BMX Voltron 18 Inch Build Detail Drivetrain Cranks

BMX Bike Check with 6 Year Old Caiden Cernius


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BMX Bike Check with 6 Year Old Caiden Cernius

At six years old Caiden Cernius is making waves. Not only does he kill it on a BMX, he will be on an upcoming episode of “Little Big Shots” with Steve Harvey on NBC – with this bike.

Name: Caiden Cernius

Instagram: @caidenbmx

BMX Groms Member Page: bmxgroms.com/members/caidenbmx/

Quarter Pipe air 6 Year Old BMXer Caiden CerniusAge: 6

Height: 44″ and 44 LBS

Favourite place to ride? Woodward west dirt section and our backyard ramps!

Which trick do you want to learn next? Working on so many tricks right now but the big goal is to land a tail whip before turning 7 (sooo close)

How much time do you spend on your bike in a week? We try to ride for an hour or so after school about 3 days a week and about 5 hours a day Saturday and Sunday.

Best thing about BMX? Traveling, meeting friends and the possibility of seeing the world!

Best BMX moment from 2017? Bringing home 3rd place at the hotwheels jr open and getting the call from NBC to be on little big shots with Steve Harvey

Frame / Size: 14″ Laird custom

Why did you choose that frame? The jump from a 12″ to a 16″ is huge. Caiden’s pretty small for his age and the 16 killed everything he had worked on to date with his 12”. It was a very big investment but we figured it would be a good year or more until he properly fit a 16

Forks: Colony custom cut down to size

Bars / Size: S&M cruiser bars 6.5 rise (still looking for a better fit) but their getting the job done. Already cut about 8″ off 🙂

Caiden Cernius BMX Bike Check 14 inch detailStem: Fit

Grips: Cult vans

Headset: Fit

Seat: We the people

Cranks: Solid bikes 95mm.

Sprocket / Number of Teeth: 9T TI rear driver, 25T aluminum sprocket

Chain: Shadow Copper

Tires: Schwable big apples

Rims: Huffy, yes you heard right, straight outa K Mart! $5 rims laced up to $500 hubs:) this was one of the harder parts of the build. There’s just nothing out there in 14” I think there like 26 spoke so we always carry a few spokes. It’s a 36 hole hub and he’s blown out plenty of them.

Front Hub: Profile Elite Kaleidoscope

Rear Hub: Profile Elite Kaleidoscope with TI hardware. Right hand drive 14mm

Pegs: Misc aluminum

Pedals: We the people plastic

Brakes: Oddessy evo

Detangler: Colony

2018 goals: compete as much as possible and land a sponsor wink wink Volcom/DC 🙂 Continue to improve and keep making new friends!

Caiden Cernius 14" BMX

Caiden Cernius, 12" 14" and 16" BMX Bikes

Caiden Cernius’, 12″, 14″, and 16″ BMX Bikes.

Max Vu Cult 18″ Chase Hawk Bike Check


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Name: Max Vu

Age: 13

Height: 5 feet

Max’s instagram: @maxvutang

I still wasn’t ready for a 20″ and the 18″ was getting a bit tight so we felt it would make sense to make an 18″ xl frame. We chose the Chase Hawk frame because he is one of my inspirations! Also because his frame is very identifiable with the unique seatstay curve. I love how cool the old school bmx frames look. So much style and character. I like the craziness!

This new frame features a shorter rear. All of my previous frames had a super short rear, but at 11.25″, this is the shortest so far. With the shortened backend, the extended 19″ front didn’t feel longer, but gave more space for barspins and leg movements. We feel that this is the most advanced 18″ out right now. It’s about time the little guys get good parts!

The forks are also new. It’s the first high quality 18″ fork. The investment cast dropouts are so cool looking and strong. Because of the longer front-end, we set up this bike with a taller handlebar (.5″ taller than the older bar) and .5″ taller stacked headset. This will give the bike more leverage with manualing and hops.

The wheels are pretty much the same as all my previous bikes, but now with fat Dehart tires. These wider tires will help with tire riding rails and gives more cushion if I land hard.

The cranks are from the old bike. Primo Powerbites have never failed! I have never stripped a single set. That’s only 4 sets we have used since my 12″, 14″ and 16″.

Overall, the new setup feels very responsive and light! At 21 lbs it’s 1.5 lbs lighter than my previous red watermelon Cult OS 18″ bike. Robo and Neal are working on 135mm Cult cranks and 8″ Cult bars. On the wish list is a fork with a steeper offset to help with nose wheelies. Thank you Robo and Neal at Cult for always being supportive and listening to my needs! The future is bright for the groms!

Frame: Cult Chase Hawk 18″. 19″TT, 11.25″CS, 75 degree headtube angle, 14mm investment cast dropouts at 4 lbs.

Fork: 28mm investment cast sect

Stem: Cult salvation 40mm

Bar: 8″ rise

Headset: Primo Stevie Churchill

Seat: Cult micro fiber tripod

Seatpost: Cult tripod

Crank: Primo powerbite 135mm with titanium 22mm spindle

Pedals: Primo JJ

BB: Primo

Sprocket: Primo JJ 25t

Chain: Cult halflink

Wheels: Primo N4FL front and Primo Freemix 8t LHD laced with Primo chrome spokes to 18″ prototype rims

Tires: 18″ gum Dehart 2.3

Pegs: Primo plastics 4″ cut down to 3.5″

Weight: 21lbs.

Jensen Anders: 14″ Blank Digit BMX Bike Check


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Jensen Anders 14 inch Blank BMX Bike Check

All pictures by Evan Daniel. Instagram: @evanjdaniel
Name: Jensen Anders AKA (JENZ)
Age: 6 1/2
Height: 46 inches.
Weight: Still not much, maybe a scale shattering 45 lbs
Home Town: Holly Springs Nc
Favorite Time Riding this past Summer? Preforming with Daneil Dhers Gold Medal Bmx Shows, Sk8 Cary Jam where I came in 3rd, and just cruising the streets at the beach.
Next BMX Goal? The next big goal is to land a 360 and hopefully compete in more of the USA BMX Freestyle competition.
Most kids go from a 12″ to a 16″ BMX and 14″ BMX bikes are difficult to get. What made you decide to get a 14″? Basically when we bought 12” Cult Juvenile we got the 14″ Blank Digit at the same time for his sister. Knowing his size and weight wasn’t going to change very fast it just made sense. Right now the 16” is still way too big for him.
The Bike is fairly new, but do you think getting the 14″ was worth it? Being he’s a smaller 6 year old I feel it was completely the right thing to do. The 14″ helps keep him in the right riding position. In retrospect I wouldn’t change the decision we made. The 14″ Blank has helped keep him on a steady path of progression.
Jensen Anders 14 inch Blank BMX Bike Check

Frame: 14″ Blank Digit
Fork: Blank Digit
Bars: Cult Juvenile
Stem: Blank
Grips: Cult x Vans Flangeless
Seatpost: Cult Juvenile
Seat: Cult Juvenile
Pedals: Lixda MTB’s They’re as big as a dinner plat
Cranks: Profile Racing 127mm No Boss
Bottom Bracket: Stolen American Sealed
Sprocket and Number of Teeth: Spline Drive Salt 26t
Chain: Rainbow KMC
Brake post: 990’s Mike Laird welded on for us.
Brakes: Fly Manual U’s
Front and Rear Spokes: New cut and threaded thanks to All Star Bikes
Pegs: Stolen Nano’s
Any other special modifications to your bike or parts? Still rocking the one armed Yoda Lego charm from the Brake line.
Sponsors: Kid Dynamite
Jensen Anders 14 inch Blank BMX Bike Check

Jensen Anders 14 inch Blank BMX Bike Check Pedals

Jensen Anders 14 inch Blank BMX Bike Check Pedals Front Wheel

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