Marcus Christopher 11 Year Old BMX Rider Interview


Marcus Christopher BMX Groms Interview BackflipName: Marcus Christopher

Instagram: marcus_christopher_bmx

Age: 11

Hometown: Hartville, Ohio

Sponsors: Kink Bicycles, Kid Dynamite Apparel, Deft Family Gloves

How old when started and what motivated you? I was 4 years old when i started racing which I did for 6 years before i switched to freestyle. I have been riding freestyle for 2 years now. My motivation to start came from stories my dad told me about racing bmx when he was a kid.

What size bike did you start on? 18″ Redline micro mini race bike

What do you ride now? 18″ Kink Bantam

Favorite style of Riding? Park

What riders get you stoked and influence you the most? Kris Fox, Logan Martin, Kyle Baldock and like to ride with local pros Nick Bruce and Rob Armour

Marcus Christopher BMX Groms Interview Callout

Recent trip to Vegas, How was it? Amazing, there are so many awesome parks in Vegas. I rode in a stunt show to honor Dana White of the UFC on Labor Day.

Marcus Christopher BMX Groms Interview SupermanDid you do any other bmx traveling trips this year? I was able to go to Joyride 150 in Canada and Daniel Dhers in North Carolina. I also made a couple of trips to Rochester, NY and The Kitchen in South Bend, IN

Your Backyard? We started with just a mini and have continued to add on. We now have a box line with a wall ride and a Resi line.

Scariest trick to learn? Flair, I just didn’t want to land on my head

You must be stoked on landing that flip whip to resi. How long have you been working up to that trick? practiced in foam pit for 1/2 hour 3 different nights before taking to Resi.

3 tricks to learn? double whips, bar bar and 720s

Injured? Broke my hand racing and just a lot of bruises and strains doing freestyle

Future plans? continue to ride, travel and progress

Shoutouts or Thanks? Thanks mainly to my mom and dad. My dad takes me to ride all the time and built my backyard that allows me to ride whenever i want as long as the weather is good. I’d also like to thank my sponsors Kink, Kid Dynamite and Deft Family.

Marcus Christopher's Backyard Playground

You know your parents are cool when… Marcus Christopher’s backyard playground.