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Urijah 8 Year Old BMX Street Edit


8 Year Old Urijah Martinez totally kills it in this street edit. Must watch.

8 Year Old’s First Backflip MTB!


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8 year old Theo Riddle from New Zealand doing his first backflip to dirt on his MTB bike, with his twin bro keeping him stoked. Instagram: @jaketheobike

Ryder Lawrence 8 Years Old Edit


BMX Grom Ryder Lawrence is totally killing it at 8 years old! This is a must watch… hit play!

Sakura 8 Year Old BMX Girl Edit


Sakura is a rad 8 year old BMX Girl from Japan. This edit was shoot in; Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama, Fukuoka. Hit play Sakura shreds.

040 Invitational Spine Ramp Contest 2016


Check out 8 year old Lennox Zimmermann Shredding at the 040 spine ramp contest hosted by 040 BMX park in the Netherlands.

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