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040 Invitational Spine Ramp Contest 2016

Check out 8 year old Lennox Zimmermann Shredding at the 040 spine ramp contest hosted by 040 BMX park in the Netherlands.

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Bikers Base – BROTHERS Edit BBCT

8 year old BMX rider Lennox and Niklas Zimmermann, as well as their team mates from Bikers base.
Camera and Edit: Markus Brückner

More From Bikers Base and Lennox Zimmermann:

Bikers Base – MIXED EDIT / Lennox + Niklas Zimmermann BBCT
BMX edit of 8 year old Lennox Zimmermann and his older brother Niklas Zimmermann, riding the “Kesselbrink” skatepark at Bielefeld. Lots of sick moves from the two.

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