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Cory Lahey BMX Fall Edit 2016

Check out 15 year old Corey Lahey’s fall BMX edit. All around rad dude, Ontario local and filmer Braden Bygrave hooked with Corey and put together this rad edit. Awesome to see older riders supporting groms. The result is killer. Hit play.

Rider: Cory Lahey Age: 15 (Just turned 15 in September)
Edited/Filmed By: Braden Bygrave
Filmed with: Nikon D500 w/Tokina 11-16mm 2.8 lens
Location: Cambridge, Ontario, Canada
When: Filmed in the fall just before the snow hit literally November 20.

Braden on this edit: “Only had 2 weeks before the snow hit us so this is the best we could do in the amount of time we had (hopefully can put out another edit next year or during the winter) Cory Lahey is a young 15 year old shredder riding for Backpeddling Bike Shop (located in Guelph, ON). Cory has progressed so fast and its crazy! Throwing feeble hard 180 bars like its nothing and so many other tricks with ease… I wish I could do that! Cory’s got a good future in BMX ahead of him for sure.”

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Marcus Christopher 13 year old Backyard BMX Edit

Marcus Christopher is a 13 year old BMX Phenom from Canton, Ohio. This edit was filmed on his new backyard ramp built by Ramped Construction. Marcus displays a huge variety of tricks well beyond his years. A Must Watch!

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Radio Bikes BMX – Welcomes 16 year old Justin Dowell

16 year old, Justin Dowell just got added to the Radio Bikes BMX team. To celebrate they released this rad little edit.

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Nari 2016 BMX Edit

Check out 5 year old Nari from Miami’s BMX edit.

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Louis Trieb “Progression” BMX Edit

Louis Trieb, 13 Year old BMX Rider from Friedrichshafen / Southern Germany dropped a new edit recently called “Progression” and is his “Welcome to the team” for Schickeria BMX Shop.

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