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Lucas Sheekey 2014 BMX Edit


Lucas put a lot of time into this edit and there is definately some gnar stuff in here. Check it out! Filmed At Rom Skatepark, Corby Skatepark, My Ramp, Canvey Skatepark. Hit play yo!


Rylan Kindness 12 Years Old BMX Edit


Rylan Kindness is a rad 12 year old BMX rider from Brisbane Australia, he is currently sponsored by X-Rated Helmets, most people call him PANDA.

Jamie Gibb BMX


Lots of tech riding in this edit and some clips at Unit 23 Skatepark.

SPACE ARK BMX Takumi Isogai – 12 years old


12 year old BMX flatlander Takumi Isogai from Japan definetly has a bright future! This is a must watch!

Guy Scroggie – 13 years old


This one is a must watch!

– Guy Scroggie riding a few skateparks and street spots around Glasgow, with some clips from his friends Anthony Duffy and Josh Findlay. Their style really is very mature for their age, and I can’t wait to see what these 13 year olds are doing in years to come! If you’re as small as Guy and Anto, you may be interested to know that they both ride the 18″ BSD passenger frame.


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