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6 Year Old Japanese BMX Rider


Ever seen a 6 year old doing feeble grinds and 360? This is a must watch!

Bala Loka Trails Edit


11 year old Brazilian shredder Bala Loka shreds some huge jumps!


On the Radar with Chase Pauza


Monster Army – Over the last year Chase Pauza has become a common name amongst younger riders in the BMX scene. It’s hard to go to any major contest with an amateur division and not see Chase, or even better, it’s hard not to see him on the podium. All this hasn’t come easy for Chase as he has had several major obstacles to overcome over the last six months including a severely broken leg and the passing of his mother. All this aside, Chase remains extremely positive and driven when it comes to riding his bike. See what he had to say when Ryan Guettler caught up with him and filmed this little edit during the Recon Tour at Ohio Dreams last month.

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