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Jake Rutkowitz 16″ BMX Bike Check


Jake Rutkowitz 16" BMX Bike Check

Name: Jake Rutkowitz
Age: 9
Height: 4’5″
Weight: 57 lbs
Best BMX Moment so far this year: riding with my friends and Riding the jumps at swampfest
Do you have any advice for kids buying their first BMX? Listen to your dad.
What size Bike did you start on? Cult 12 inch
How long have you been riding BMX? Since I was 3
Favourite type of riding? (Park, Trails, Street…) trails and park
Funnest trick? Nac nacs
Favorite places to ride? Catty woods, Woodward east
Pro BMXer that gets you stoked? Trey Jones!
Jake Rutkowitz 16 Inch FBM Bike Check

BMX Bike Details

Jake Rutkowitz 16 Inch FBM Bike Check HeadtubeFrame: fbm gypsy 16.5tt
Fork: fbm cb4ks
Bars: fbm
Stem / Reach: Merritt topload
Grips: Merritt Sawyers
Bar ends: Merritt
Cranks (and crank arm length): Profile mini magnutanium Cranks 145mm
Sprocket (and number of teeth): Merritt mighty 28t
Chain: kmc 710
Front Tire: Sunday 16×2.10
Front Wheel: sun ryno lite rim 36h
Front Hub: profile elite 36h
Rear Tire: Haro multi surface 16×2.0
Rear Wheel: sun ryno lite
Rear Hub: profile elite 9t 36h
Pedals: Merritt P1
Pegs: (sometimes) Merritt SIR
Brakes: stock off my old United supreme
Any other special details or stories about your bike or parts? I have a huge dent in my chain stay from my first ride at Woodward with this frame. I jumped the channel gap down into the bank, but I was going way to slow and cased/feebled the landing..I was very upset
Shout outs or thanks? Big thanks to Merritt, Hok9, and the clifton bike shop.
Jake Rutkowitz 16 Inch FBM Bike Check Drivetrain
Jake Rutkowitz 16 Inch FBM Bike Check Drivetrain Sprocket
Jake Rutkowitz 16 Inch FBM Bike Check Front Hub
Jake Rutkowitz 16 Inch FBM Bike Check

Grom Jake Rutkowitz Kills It at Florideah BMX Swampfest


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BMX Grom Jake Rutkowitz Blasting a Huge One at Swamp fest BMX JAM in Florida

Grom Jake Rutkowitz Winner at Swampfest BMX JAM

BMX is fun. Trey Jones (Subrosa, Shadow Conspiracy, and Vans Pro) knows how to have fun. Swampfest is really fun. In its second year, this non competitive Jam style event created by Trey has catapulted to the top of the “Must not miss” events of the BMX year. Groms included.

This BMX festival brings swamps, dirt, pallets, camping, BMX and fun together. There was a street and ramp area, dirt jumps, Subrosa rail across water and Scotty Cranmer best trick jump.

Enter Jake Rutkowitz. Jake is rad. So is his Dad. They took the road trip from eastern PA to Central Fl to have some fun. Jake had “pretty much the best weekend of my life.”

We’ve had our eye on Jake for some time now. The kid is tuff as nails, loose as can be, and always smiling. Making it though the Swampfest jumpline, is a massive achievement for a 9 year old, but Jake won the Dirt event at this years Swampfest and we couldn’t be more stoked!

Florideah Swampfest went down in Astatula, Florida on February 17.

Grom PROfile

Name: Jake Rutkowitz
Age: 9
Hometown: Palmerton, Pennsylvania
Bike set up: 16″ FBM Gypsy frame, FBM fork and bars, Profile elite hubs and mini mag cranks. Merritt stem, sprocket, pedals and grips.
What went down at Swampfest? I rode bikes, had fun! Hung out with awesome dudes and made new friends.
Next trip/plans: Pittsburgh! Next generation jam April 7th
Shout out/Thank you’d: I’d like to thank Merritt for my parts, hok9 for the sweet shirts!

Jake’s Instagram: @jakerutk
Jake’s Dad: @jay256 (Jakes Dad)
Trey Jones: @treyjonessucks
Shout out to @irodetoday for contributing to this article.

BMX Groms Capture of the Week, June 23, 2016: Jake Rutkowitz


BMX Groms Capture of the Week, going out to Jake Rutkowitz who is 7 years old pictured here hitting the mini-mega at Woodward East!!!

Jakes’s Instagram: @jakerutk

Thanks to everyone who sent in pictures.

Send in your pictures for BMX “Capture of the Week” on BMXgroms.com to submit@bmxgroms.com (To be featured your pictures must be larger than instagram size – so email the full size one in.)
Jake Rutkowitz Bmx Groms Picture of the Week

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