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Raw Clips from @jbrosbmx


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Raw clips of @jbrosbmx shredding their local parks. Rad clips in here!

Harry Schofield 7 Year Old BMX Rider!


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Harry isn’t your typical 7 year old BMX rider. For one he can 720 and has tons of style and bike control. Check it! (He also shreds on MTB and MX)

Toranosuke Jimbo Cult Juvenile 12″ Bike Check


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Toranosuke Jimbo Cult Juvenile 12" Bike Check

Name: Toranosuke Jimbo

Toranosuke Jimbo Cult Juvenile 12" Bike Check OverallAge: 7 years old

Height: 115cm(3’9″)

Favourite place to ride? I love to ride at Kugenuma skatepark and BASHIBURGERCHANCE.

Which tricks do you want to learn next? Truck Drivers and Tailwhips.

How often do you practise riding? Everyday. But there is no park near my house. So I often practice bmx in front of my house except on Saturdays and Sundays.

Best BMX memory? When I got the first prize at a BMX contest the first time.

Frame / Size: Cult Juvenile 12″ (2014)

Why did you choose that frame? I started riding BMX when I was 4 years old. The Cult Juvi 12 inch is very light weight and can be ridden for park, street, dirt and everywhere. Also the Cult Juvi 12″ is gyro ready. So I can do barspins now ;)

Forks: Cult

Bars / Size: Cult 6″ 6061 Alumimum

Tora Cult Juvi BMX Bike Check HeadtubeStem: Cult Top Load

Grips: Stolen Money Grips

Headset: Cult

Seat: Total BMX Killabee Seat Combo

Cranks: Cult Cromo 92mm

Sprocket / Number of Teeth: Eastern Shogun Sprocket 25T

Chain: Odyssey Bluebird

Tires: Innova 12″x2.10″ abd Schwalbe Big Apple 12″ x 2.00″

Rims: Cult 16H

Front Hub: Cult

Rear Hub: Cult 9T

Pegs: Saltplus Echo Nylon Peg

Pedals: Salt Junior Nylon/Fibreglass Pedals

Brakes: Cult

Detangler: Colony RX3

Special Bike Customizations: @jbros_bmx Original Sticker 🙂 and bars are a custom width.

Toranosuke Jimbo Cult Juvenile 12" Bike Check Overall

Shout outs or thanks?

I want to go XGAME one day!

Thanks to my sponsor. Cool clothes UNIT @unit / @jbros_bmx original sticker Adplanning Co. Ltd.
Thank you to Todd Meyn @toddmeyn. He rode with us everytime when he came to Japan.
Thank you for Dad and Mom, they take me to the skatepark and support me. And my big brother Shunsuke, @shun_bmx has been teaching me a lot of tricks since I started to ride BMX.

Toranosuke Jimbo Cult Juvenile 12" Bike Check Gyro Detangler

Toranosuke Jimbo Cult Juvenile 12" Bike Check Drivetrain

Toranosuke Jimbo Cult Juvenile 12" Bike Check Rear Brake

Toranosuke Jimbo Cult Juvenile 12" Bike Check Cult Forks

5 Tips for BMX Progression with Lanky


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BMX progression with Nathan Lanky Philps

BMX Pro Nathan Lanky Philps

BMX Coach and Pro Nathan Lanky Philps

Hey everyone, Lanky here! I’ve been asked the question, “How do you keep progressing?” quite a few times and with my 30th birthday coming up soon, I’d say that’s a fairly relevant question. So here’s my top tips on how to keep progressing no matter what level you are!


Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Progression is not found in your safety tricks. That barspin or tuck no hander you’ve done a million times is not going to help you any further than it already has. The key is to finding something you can do and then send it over something brand new. Example, you can barspin fly out, time to do it over a spine!

BMX Progression Tip 2

Find a goal.

You can’t progress if you don’t know where you’re going. Think about what tricks you want to learn, write them down and then get out there and practice them until you can do them, then write a new trick.

BMX Progression Tip 3

Ride with riders better than you.

Nothing pushes you to progress more than riding with guys better than you. If you get into a good session with 3 or 4 insane riders, their enthusiasm will rub off on you and you’ll find yourself sending things you never expected you could!

BMX Progression Tip 4

There is no such things as limits.

This is freestyle. What was once considered impossible is now regularly being rewritten. Once upon a time, backflips were considered untouchable! Now we have double flairs. The only limitations on this sport are the ones you place on yourself. Consider EVERYTHING as a possibility and eventually, you’ll land things that have never been done.

BMX Progression Tip 5

Always have fun.

If you’re not having fun, you shouldn’t even be riding in my opinion. What’s the point of doing something you hate? Remember that no matter what is going on, what tricks your trying and the frustration that comes with it, you should be enjoying the challenge even if you’re hating the trick. So never forget the reason why you started riding in the first place.

So these are my 5 tips on how after 15 years of riding I still manage to learn brand new tricks every single month. They mightn’t be groundbreaking, but to me, they’re an achievement always worth chasing.

Lanky AKA Nathan Philps
Lanky’s BMX Groms Member Page:
Lanky’s Instagram: @lankybmx360

Rhyme Hommura – 10 Years Old – Creative BMX Rider


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Creativity has always played a huge part in our sport. 10 year old Rhyme Hommura from Japan mixes old school, new school, flatland and street in a creative mix. Check out his latest edit.

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