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5 Tips for BMX Progression with Lanky


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BMX progression with Nathan Lanky Philps

BMX Pro Nathan Lanky Philps

BMX Coach and Pro Nathan Lanky Philps

Hey everyone, Lanky here! I’ve been asked the question, “How do you keep progressing?” quite a few times and with my 30th birthday coming up soon, I’d say that’s a fairly relevant question. So here’s my top tips on how to keep progressing no matter what level you are!


Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Progression is not found in your safety tricks. That barspin or tuck no hander you’ve done a million times is not going to help you any further than it already has. The key is to finding something you can do and then send it over something brand new. Example, you can barspin fly out, time to do it over a spine!

BMX Progression Tip 2

Find a goal.

You can’t progress if you don’t know where you’re going. Think about what tricks you want to learn, write them down and then get out there and practice them until you can do them, then write a new trick.

BMX Progression Tip 3

Ride with riders better than you.

Nothing pushes you to progress more than riding with guys better than you. If you get into a good session with 3 or 4 insane riders, their enthusiasm will rub off on you and you’ll find yourself sending things you never expected you could!

BMX Progression Tip 4

There is no such things as limits.

This is freestyle. What was once considered impossible is now regularly being rewritten. Once upon a time, backflips were considered untouchable! Now we have double flairs. The only limitations on this sport are the ones you place on yourself. Consider EVERYTHING as a possibility and eventually, you’ll land things that have never been done.

BMX Progression Tip 5

Always have fun.

If you’re not having fun, you shouldn’t even be riding in my opinion. What’s the point of doing something you hate? Remember that no matter what is going on, what tricks your trying and the frustration that comes with it, you should be enjoying the challenge even if you’re hating the trick. So never forget the reason why you started riding in the first place.

So these are my 5 tips on how after 15 years of riding I still manage to learn brand new tricks every single month. They mightn’t be groundbreaking, but to me, they’re an achievement always worth chasing.

Lanky AKA Nathan Philps
Lanky’s BMX Groms Member Page:
Lanky’s Instagram: @lankybmx360

Rhyme Hommura – 10 Years Old – Creative BMX Rider


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Creativity has always played a huge part in our sport. 10 year old Rhyme Hommura from Japan mixes old school, new school, flatland and street in a creative mix. Check out his latest edit.

Hot Wheels BMX Junior Open at Woodward


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Check out these groms killin it at Woodward Hot Wheels BMX Junior Open

Max Vu Cult 18″ Chase Hawk Bike Check


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Name: Max Vu

Age: 13

Height: 5 feet

Max’s instagram: @maxvutang

I still wasn’t ready for a 20″ and the 18″ was getting a bit tight so we felt it would make sense to make an 18″ xl frame. We chose the Chase Hawk frame because he is one of my inspirations! Also because his frame is very identifiable with the unique seatstay curve. I love how cool the old school bmx frames look. So much style and character. I like the craziness!

This new frame features a shorter rear. All of my previous frames had a super short rear, but at 11.25″, this is the shortest so far. With the shortened backend, the extended 19″ front didn’t feel longer, but gave more space for barspins and leg movements. We feel that this is the most advanced 18″ out right now. It’s about time the little guys get good parts!

The forks are also new. It’s the first high quality 18″ fork. The investment cast dropouts are so cool looking and strong. Because of the longer front-end, we set up this bike with a taller handlebar (.5″ taller than the older bar) and .5″ taller stacked headset. This will give the bike more leverage with manualing and hops.

The wheels are pretty much the same as all my previous bikes, but now with fat Dehart tires. These wider tires will help with tire riding rails and gives more cushion if I land hard.

The cranks are from the old bike. Primo Powerbites have never failed! I have never stripped a single set. That’s only 4 sets we have used since my 12″, 14″ and 16″.

Overall, the new setup feels very responsive and light! At 21 lbs it’s 1.5 lbs lighter than my previous red watermelon Cult OS 18″ bike. Robo and Neal are working on 135mm Cult cranks and 8″ Cult bars. On the wish list is a fork with a steeper offset to help with nose wheelies. Thank you Robo and Neal at Cult for always being supportive and listening to my needs! The future is bright for the groms!

Frame: Cult Chase Hawk 18″. 19″TT, 11.25″CS, 75 degree headtube angle, 14mm investment cast dropouts at 4 lbs.

Fork: 28mm investment cast sect

Stem: Cult salvation 40mm

Bar: 8″ rise

Headset: Primo Stevie Churchill

Seat: Cult micro fiber tripod

Seatpost: Cult tripod

Crank: Primo powerbite 135mm with titanium 22mm spindle

Pedals: Primo JJ

BB: Primo

Sprocket: Primo JJ 25t

Chain: Cult halflink

Wheels: Primo N4FL front and Primo Freemix 8t LHD laced with Primo chrome spokes to 18″ prototype rims

Tires: 18″ gum Dehart 2.3

Pegs: Primo plastics 4″ cut down to 3.5″

Weight: 21lbs.

How to Barspin BMX with Caden Parker


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Want to learn how-to barspin? Hit play and get some tips from Caden Parker.

Caden’s Instagram: @cadenparkerbmx

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