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ELVTD x Jaden Chipman BMX Edit


Jaden Chipman killin Joyride 150 on that BMX.

Woodward Groms Week 2018 Edit


BMX Groms Killing It at Grom Week Woodward 2018.

Riders: Jake Rutkowitz, Caiden Cernius, Kehler Colon, Shane Halahan, Nathan Halahan, Lukas Halahan, Henry, Riley and More

Like Father Like Son – 7 Yr Old Caiden Cernius


Caiden Cernius during his trip out to Woodward ended up on the news. 7 yr old Caiden Cernius learns everything from his father and #1 fan, Brian Cernius. The bond they have created over bmx is something they both will cherish for a lifetime. Brian, a former bmx and motocross racer now paraplegic from a Moto accident, enjoys spending time with Caiden and reminiscing on his own childhood passion.

Groms Week at Woodward Camp


Camp Woodward put this edit together to pay tribute to the little shredders of BMX Groms week. Check out these little guys go big on the Mini-Mega.

15 Year Old BMX Rider Roasting Huge Jumps!


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Watch 15 years old Gustavo de Oliveira shred one of the biggest trail sets we’ve ever seen! Bala Loka is a complete beast and has style by the dumptruck load!

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