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Nahum Billington 20″ Sunday Radocaster BMX Bike Check


Nahum Billington 20" Sunday Radocaster BMX Bike Check

Nahum Billington is a rad 13 year old BMXer from Canada. Nahum just transitioned from an 18″ to a 20″ Sunday Radocaster build. BMX Groms worked with him to build the bike and document the size change for an upcoming feature on BMX Groms. We used as many parts from the 18″ as possible to help the transition. The 20″ Radocaster frame is a good choice for your first 20″ BMX. The Radocaster frame features excellent quality at an affordable price, which is important when you are still growing and may move up to a larger frame in the future. Learn more about this frame on Sunday Bikes. The 20.5″ top tube length is a good entry point into the 20″ size. For more info on BMX sizing, peek our sizing guide.

BMX Groms build Sunday Radocaster

Nahum Tuck No Hander AirName: Nahum Billington

Age: 13

Height: 5’6

Weight: 135

Riding style (park/street/trails etc.)? Everything I can ride.

How old were you when you started riding? 8

Which size BMX did you start on? 18″

Do you have any advice for kids choosing a bike to start BMX? Choose a bike that fits you, not one you can grow into.

Frame/Top Tube Length: Sunday Radocaster 20.5

Fork: Sunday Octave

Bars/Size: Fit Skyhigh 8.25″

Stem: Shadow Strike Front-load

Grips: Odyssey Tidal

Bar ends: Odyssey

Seatpost: Duo Resilite

Seat: Elat OZ

Cranks (and crank arm length): Sunday Saker 175mm

Sprocket (and number of teeth): Sunday Sabertooth 28 tooth

Sunday Radocaster BMX Groms  20 inch build.

Chain: KMC

Front Tire: Fly Ruben Rampera

Front Wheel: Sunday Lighting

Rear Tire: Fly Ruben Rampera

Rear Wheel: Sunday Lighting

Pedals: Fly Ruben Graphite

Hub Guard: Gsport

Pegs: Gsport

Brakes: N/A

Any special mods? My bars are cut to a custom width, so they aren’t too wide.

Shoutouts or thanks? Huge shout-out and thanks to Sunday and BMX Groms

Sunday Bikes front hub on the Radocaster Build.

Sunday Bikes headtube on the Radocaster Build.

Drivetrain on the Radocaster Build.

Rear hub on the Radocaster Build.

Front view of the Radocaster Build.

Kaden Stone 2016 Bike Check


Check out Kaden Stone’s 2016 Limited color Total BMX bike as he builds it at Epic Bike store with Max Vu.
Filmed by Ryan Guettler

Harry Schofield – 12 Inch Cult Juvi BMX Bike Check


Harry Schofield BMX Bike Check 12 Inch Cult Juvi
Harry is a rad 6 year old grom from Brighton, south east England. We caught up with Harry and did a bike check, just as he was switching from a 12″ to a 16″ BMX. The modifications and upgrades to the 12″ Cult Juvi Harry has been riding are listed. The new Cult Juvi 16″ is stock for now!

Harry Schofield BMX Bike Check 12 Inch Cult Juvi and 16 Inch Cult Juvi

Harry with his 12″ and 16″ Cult Juvi’s at S4P jumps.

Name: Harry Schofield
Age: 6
Height: 123cm / 48.5″
How long have you been riding BMX?: Riding bike no stabilisers: 2yrs 3months. BMX only for about 18 months, as we didn’t used to live close to skate park or BMX track. Learnt most of my skills riding the close we lived in!
Favourite type of riding? (Park, Trails, Street…) Love riding anything and everything as long as its got wheels!
For someone your age, just starting out in BMX, what tips would you have? Be confident, don’t worry what other people think or do, just ride and have fun. The more you ride the better you will get. Pads and helmet important.

Harry Schofield BMX Bike Check 12 Inch Cult Juvi Bars

12″ Bike: Cult Juvi 12″
Spokes: Spokes dt swiss cut down and threaded, originals kept breaking.
Tires: Specialized rhythm tires (stole them off balance bike).
Grips: Can’t find out! Fat and comfy.
Sprocket: Cult Member Sprocket
Pedals: Pedals Wellgo style that I stole off my race BMX bike
Special Mods: Run brake upside on left side and a normal brake instead of the small junior the bike came with to fit my large hands.
The Cult Juvi 12 inch has held up well, the frame is still not broken despite Harry’s insane riding – but lots of scratches. The original headset and bottom bracket have been replaced.
16″ Bike: Cult Juvi 16″



Max Vu – Cult Juvenile 18″ BMX Bike Check


Max Vu Cult Juvi 18 Inch BMX Bike Check
Name: Max Vu

Age: 12

Height: 57″

Weight: 85lbs

Riding style (park/street/trails etc.): BMX, pretty much everything even some flatland!! I think it is dumb to label yourself as one type of style & miss out on the other riding options. It’s fun to mix it up! Dennis McCoy is a good example, he can ride everything. I was told Dennis has won every category in bmx!

How old were you when you started riding? 4

Which size BMX did you start on? 12″ DK General Lee (aluminum) Jesse Klein from DK hooked it up and started it all. Then Quamen made me a 12″ chromoly frame with a longer top tube. A year later, Robbo made me a 12″ Cult Juvenile complete.

Max Vu - Should you get your kid a bike to grow into?

Do you have any advice for kids choosing a bike to start BMX? Having the right size bike is what helped me most to get where I am at today. Helping my dad at Epic, I hear so many parents say, “I want to get a bike my kid can grow into and make it last.” That’s crazy! Imagine a kid playing baseball with an adult bats & gloves? I guess they will grow into them…

If you were back starting out again at the same age would you do anything differently? No. Everything is good!

Max Vu Cult Juvi 18 Inch BMX Bike Check

Max Vu BMX Bike Check ForksFrame / Top Tube Length: Cult Juvenile 18″ aluminum

Why did you choose that frame? It is light weight because it’s made of aluminum. People tell me to ride a chromoly frame because it’s stronger & won’t break as often. I don’t understand why these people feel aluminum is bad or weak? Have you seen what Dylan Stark does on his mountain bike? It’s nuts!!! His mountain bike frame & 1pc handlebar is aluminum. My bmx race bike is aluminum & so are most racers bikes. I see adults bend & break chromloy frames all the time. I guess they should ride an adamantium frame. haha. I’m 12 years old & 85lbs, let me enjoy what I got!

Fork: 18″ Primo Strand with a 15mm offset. Makes the bike feel shorter and nose wheelie easier.

Bars / Size: S&M TV 7.75 rise

Stem: Cult Salvation 45mm (prototype)

Grips: Cult Vans

Bar ends: Odyssey Par End

Seatpost: Cult Tripod

Seat: Cult Butter Tripod

Cranks (and crank arm length): Primo Powerbite 135mm

Sprocket (and number of teeth): Primo JJ 25t

Chain: Shadow halflink

Front Tire: Fit FAF 18×2.1

Front Wheel: Primo N4FL laced to no name rim. (I think the rims came off of a stock complete bike that the customer wanted custom built wheels.)

Rear Tire: Fit FAF 18×2.1

Rear Wheel: Primo Free Mix 8 tooth driver, laced to no name rim.

Pedals: Merrit P1

Hub Guard: Primo

Pegs: Primo plastic

Brakes: none

Any special mods? Frame rear tri has been shorten 2″ from stock for better bunny hop snap, Forks were shorten from 20″ to 18″. Cranks cut down and tapped to 135mm. Modifications were done by @lukeshutts at Shutts Fabrications in Long Beach, Ca.

Max Vu BMX Bike Check Drive Train

Shoutouts or thanks? My sponsors @Cultcrew @Pr1mobmx @vansbmx66 @ethika @_epicbmx

Mom, Dad & my 2 sis, Robbo @fano562 @RichHirsch @calebquanbeck @vansjerry @v_salazar @ryanguettler @drewbezanson @krisfoxbmx @alfredomancuso @mikehucker @whoisdylan @treanor71 @ethancorriere @kaiquemachado @thedenimcox @devonsmillie @larry_edgar @lukeshutts @travisohrazda @barspinnerr @andy_garrcia @veeshermang @rickyshoots @philbrahh @adamtwentytwo @thecomeupbmx @ilovenaterichter @jeffzphoto @fyanrudger @ridebmx @vitalbmx . All these great people have helped taught me how to ride & gave me coverage!!

And of course, @bmxgroms for this opportunity for me & other groms the chance to shine!! Also all my Fans, thank you for your support!! Follow me on Instagram @maxvutang to see my progress : ]

Max Vu BMX Bike Check Stem
Max Vu BMX Bike Check Front Hub
Max Vu BMX Bike Check Rear Hub
Max Vu BMX Bike Check Rear Hub and Bike Side

Rimu Nakamura Subrosa Pandora BMX Bike Check


Rimu Nakamura Subrosa Pandora BMX Bike Check
Rimu Nakamura came all the way from Japan to ride in the 2016 Toronto BMX Jam where he placed first in expert qualifying and second in the expert finals.

Rimu’s riding was pretty much flawless, he was all over the course, going big with a gnarly bag of tricks. It was a good chance to meet Rimu, hang out and do a bike check.

Rimu is 14 and hasn’t been on a 20″ for too long. He is obviously as serious about his setup and bike sizing as he is about his riding; he is running a smaller 20″ frame with a 20″ top tube, smaller than average bars with a 7.75″ rise, shorter crank arms at 165mm and slightly less reach on his stem at 48mm offset. Rimu has personilized his ride too, with one black and one white pedal and a gnarly 666 airlines brass headset spacer.
Rimu Nakamura Subrosa Pandora BMX Bike Check  Overall
Name: Rimu Nakamura
Instagram: @rimbmx
Age: 14
Height: 160 centimeters / 5′ 3″
Sponsors/Support: @subrosabrand @oakley @hangoutbmx @jykkbmx @k4lbmx @rampage_ridewear
Rimu Nakamura Superman Seat Grab
Frame: Subrosa Pandora Frame
Frame Size: 20 Inch Top Tube
Fork: Subrosa Pandora Forks, 24mm Offset
Bars: Subrosa Pandora Bars 7.75″ Rise
Stem: Federal Love Stem 48mm Reach
Grips: Flybikes Devon Grips
Seatpost: Subrosa
Seat: Subrosa
Pedals: Flybikes Ruben Graphite
Cranks: Profile Titanium Axle 165mm
Sprocket: Proper Sline
Chain: Flybikes
Front Tire: F KHE MAC2 Dirt
Front Hub: Fly Bikes
Rear Tire: MAXXIS Grifter 2.10
Rear Hub: SALT Freecoaster
Pegs: Federal Plastic Pegs, Front x2, Rear x1
Rimu Nakamura Subrosa Pandora BMX Bike Check Headtube
Rimu Nakamura Subrosa Pandora BMX Bike Check Drivetrain
Rimu Nakamura Subrosa Pandora BMX Bike Check Rear Brake Fly Bikes
Rimu Nakamura Subrosa Pandora BMX Bike Check Forks
Rimu Nakamura Subrosa Pandora BMX Bike Check Seat

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