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Dylan Hessey BMX Bike Check


Dylan Hessey Total BMX Hangover BMX Bike Check
Dylan Hessey Seat Manual BMX GromName: Dylan Hessey
Age: 11
Height: 4′ 11″
Weight: 88 1bs
Hometown: Widnes, Cheshire UK
Favourite type of riding? My favourite type of riding has to be park riding although I will have a blast at the dirt jumps when I get the chance.
Best spot to ride? I love to ride different parks, meet new riders and generally progress. My favourite park has to my local skate park Rampworx in Liverpool as it has everything you need to learn and progress. I am fortunate as I sometimes get to ride with the Pro riders, Harry Main and Anton McGuirk to mention a few who help and encourage me. I also have lots of BMX and scooter rider friends at Rampworx and we just meet up, ride and have fun.
Favourite trick? My favourite trick has to be the bar spin – I love to bar spin! The next tricks on my list to master are the double whip and the flair.
You recently switched from an 18 inch bike to a 20 inch bike. Was it a hard transition? I found the switch a lot easier than I thought it would be. Some tricks I mastered straight away, some were a little more difficult but I’m starting to feel more comfortable and confident the more I ride.
What made you decide to make the switch to a 20″? A few of the riders at my local park have commented over the past 6 months that I needed to upgrade to a bigger bike but I still felt comfortable on the 18 inch. It’s only over the summer holidays that my legs felt a bit restricted so decided it was time to make the switch.
Dylan Hessey BMX Bike Check Profile StemFrame: TotalBMX Hangover H2 19.8″
Forks: TotalBMX Hangover
Bars: TotalBMX Hangover 8.25″ rise
Brake System: Eclat Unit U-Brake / Odyssey M2 Lever / Odyssey Lower Cable
Headset: TotalBMX
Stem: Profile Acoustic Frontload
Gyro: Snafu Mobeus / Gyro + plate
Grips: ODI O’s
Seat: TotalBMX Slim Logo
Pedals: Snafu Anorexic
Cranks: Profile Race Crank 170mm LHD / TotalBMX Mid bottom bracket 19mm
Sprocket: TotalBMX R&R Lite Sprocket 25t
Chain: Vocal Half Link
Front/Rear Tyres: KHE Mac 2
Wheels: Alienation Felon Rims / Profile Mini Hubs LHD with Ti axle and driver/ TLC Black Ti Spokes
Bolts: TLC Rainbow – Ti Hub Bolts / Ti crank Bolts / Ti Stem Bolts
Any other special details or stories about your bike or parts? Big thanks to Sam Kirk (@AMPEDCYCLEWORX) in helping me build my dream bike – he has the patience of a saint ha!
Sponsors: Just hooked up with PARK Clothing
Dylan Hessey BMX Bike Check Total BMX 25t sprocket
Dylan Hessey BMX Bike Check Total BMX Alienation Rear Wheel
Dylan Hessey BMX Bike Check Profile Hub
Dylan Hessey Bike Check Total BMX Hangover

Jayden Mucha Kink BMX Bike Check

Jayden Mucha blasts his backyard vert wall.Jayden Mucha is 13 years old and riding at an insane level. Check out his BMX Groms edit, the edit he just dropped and his how-to front flip. We caught up with him, shot some pictures of his current setup and his gnarly riding skills.
Age: 13 yrs old
Height: 5′ 9″
Weight: 130 lbs
Any tips on bike sizing? Before jumping to the next frame size, incremental changes can be made by increasing stem length, going from a front load stem to top load stem and/or by increasing bar size. These changes will increase your “riding box” (the area for your body, while on your bike).

Current BMX Setup

Jayden Mucha dumps a t-bog on his backyard ramp setup.Frame: Kink Mudrunner 21.25″
Fork: Demolition Elite 30mm offset
Bars: Kink Rex 9.5″ rise
Grips: ODI Longneck
Stem: Stolen Clutch 50mm frontload
Wheel Set
Rims: Odyssey Seven KA
Hubs: Profle Mini’s
Tires: Kink – Lyra 2.3 (front), Vela 2.1 (back)
Spokes: Odyssey Racing Butted
Sprocket: Profile Galaxy 25T
Chain: Odyssey Bluebird
Cranks: Profile 170mm
Pedals: Spank Spike
Lever: Odyssey Monolever
Calipers: Odyssey EVO II
Cable: Kink Linear
Seat: Bonedeth Pivotal
Pegs: Primo Binary V2
Jayden Mucha Kink BMX Bike Check
Jayden Mucha Kink BMX Bike Check Headtube
Jayden Mucha Kink BMX Bike Check Drivetrain
Jayden Mucha Kink BMX Bike Check Pedal
Jayden Mucha Kink BMX Bike Check Side View
Jayden Mucha Tuck No Hander

Colony BMX – Josh Dove Video Bike Check


Josh Dove showcases Colony’s 18 inch line with flips, bars, grinds, and freecoaster action. The 18″ Sweetooth frame in chrome is RAD!

Colony – With the emerging growth in the number of smaller rippers out there in the BMX world, we saw a gap in what was available for them to buy & ride.
The introduction of our 18″ product line, gives these little shredders access to the same high end parts that the 20″ world enjoys.
Our 18″ version Sweet Tooth frames, Dagger forks, Sweet Tooth forks, Pintour wheels & soon to be released 22’s cranks in 165mm makes up a full high end 18″ product line. Our own Josh Dove show’s in this video exactly what these little bikes are capable of doing. Available now at all Colony dealers worldwide.”

Brady Baker 20″ BMX Bike Check, Colony Sweet Tooth V4 and Merritt


Brady Baker BMX Bike Check with BMX Groms

Brady Baker BMX Bike Check Detail StemName: Brady Baker
Age: 12
Height: 4’10”
Weight: 70lbs
Gnarliest Riding Spots: I ride many different places that all have their own areas of “gnarlieness”! I am lucky enough to have an incredible BMX park called The Incline Club located 5 minutes from my house. I try to ride there 3 or 4 times a week. This past winter I went on 13 back to back weekend trips with my friend visiting the following BMX Parks (Impact Action Sports Park, DDASC, Wheelmill, Rays MTB and Woodward East). I had an amazing time and met a lot of really cool people! I am very excited to start riding trails again. I love riding at Catty Woods, Posh, Area 51 and Boondocks. Thanks to all the trail bosses who make these spots RAD!
Favorite Type of Riding (Trails/Park/Street): My favorite types of riding are park and trails. I am also excited to visit some mountain bike parks this summer and ride my Morpheus Vimana Jr. I am hoping to ride some of the slope style courses if I am allowed!
Sponsors: Merritt, Morpheus, Vans, Unit, Bell Helmets
Which size BMX did you start riding on? 18″
When did you move up to a 20″ BMX and was the adjustment difficult? My parents gave me a new 20” BMX for Christmas this year. The transition from the 18″ to the 20″ was not as difficult as I thought it would be. I was able to transition most of my tricks to the new bike within the first three weeks. I am still struggling to get the double whip and 720 around but am hoping to accomplish this over the next couple of months.
What made you decide to make the switch to a 20″? Honestly, I was tired of some people telling me that my tricks didn’t count on the smaller bike. It was very frustrating. To me, a trick is a trick and it doesn’t matter what size bike it’s on. You have to ride what fits so that’s what I did, I rode what fit me.
Do you have any advice for kids choosing a bike to start BMX? My advice to someone choosing a bike is to pick what you like. It needs to fit you and feel comfortable. BMXers love to talk BMX. I would encourage anyone getting into BMX to just ask another rider what they suggest. The BMXers I know will be more than happy to help in any way that they can. Don’t be afraid to ask!

Brady Baker busts a tailwhip air in the Woods Jump Room at the Wheelmill indoor BMX Park.

Brady Baker busts a tailwhip air in the Woods Jump Room at the Wheelmill indoor BMX Park.

Brady Baker BMX Bike Check Back WheelFrame: Colony Sweet Tooth V4
Fork: Colony
Bars: Merritt, Brian Foster Signature
Stem: Merritt, Inaugural Front Load
Grips: Merritt, Pete Sawyer
Seatpost: Merritt
Seat: Merrit
Pedals: Premium
Cranks: Profile Mini Magnetanium 160Mm
Sprocket: Profile
Chain: Primo
Front Tire: Maxxis Drifters
Front Wheel: Deviant Rim W/ Profile Elite Hub 20″
Rear Tire: Maxxis Drifters
Rear Wheel: Gsport W/ Profile Elite Hub 20″ LHD
Any other special details or stories about your bike or parts? I love BMX! This sport has already given me the opportunity to ride so many cool spots and meet really great people! I want to thank all of my sponsors for helping me out and proving me with some incredible bikes, parts, clothing and safety equipment, The Incline Club for giving me a great place to ride every day and to all the guys at the trails that spend countless hours digging to make their spots amazing! Most importantly, BMX is fun and I intend to keep it that way! Thanks for the support BMX Groms!!

Brady Baker 20 inch BMX Bike Check

Brady Baker 20 inch BMX Bike Check Frontend Detail


Rylan Kindness Colony Sweet Tooth 20″ BMX Bike Check


Rylan Kindness Colony Sweet Tooth 20" BMX Bike Check BMX Groms

Rylan Kindness Colony Sweet Tooth 20" BMX Bike Check BMX Groms Rear TriangleName: Rylan Kindness
Age: 13
Height: 1.6m
Hometown: Brisbane
Sponsors: XRH, GC compound
Which size BMX did you start riding on: I started riding on a 16 inch BMX bike that my dad got for me when I was 8 and rode it till I snapped it in half. Then when I was 10 I bought a 20 inch BMX bike and have stayed on a 20 inch.
Do you have any advice for kids choosing a bike to start BMX? I definitely made the mistake of buying a bike that was too big for me so the best advice I could give would be to buy a bike that is the right size for you. It doesn’t have be a custom bike with expensive gear on it just something simple that you can learn on and progress on.
When do you think you will move up to a 20″ BMX? I have been riding a 20 inch for about 2 or 3 years now and I feel like it gives me a lot of room to move around on. I have never ridden an 18 inch because 20 inch bikes have always seemed more appealing to me with bigger wheels so I can get more speed for bigger tricks.
Favourite type of riding? (eg. park, street, trails, etc) I love to ride all types of style but I defiantly love to ride the GC compound which is a park setup. I do like to ride trails every now and then but there are not too many around where I live and street is fun and challenging for me which I like.

Rylan Kindness Colony Sweet Tooth 20" BMX Bike Check BMX Groms Overall
Rylan Kindness Colony Sweet Tooth 20" BMX Bike Check BMX Groms SeatFrame / Size: Colony sweet tooth 19.8
Fork: Macneil
Bars / Size: Total world peace bars Size: 8.25″ rise / 28.5″ wide
Stem: 34R top loader stem
Grips: ODI
Bar ends: ODI
Headset: Odyssey
Clamp: Total
Seat post: Total
Seat: Total
Cranks and Arm Length: Profile Race Cranks / crank arm size 175mm
Sprocket and Size: Colony CC sprocket 28 tooth
Chain: Odyssey Blue Bird
Front Tire: Maxis Grifter
Front Wheel: Profile elites
Rear Tire: maxis Grifter
Rear Wheel: profile elites
Pedals: snafu
Pegs: I don’t ride pegs at the moment
Brakes: 34R
Brake Lever: Odyssey
Any other special details or stories about your bike or parts? one little modification my Dad did for me was make a rubber washer out of a piece of the GC compound resi that goes between bottom bracket bearings and the bb spacer which stops the cranks from spinning which is really helpful in flip whips. Overall I love the way my bike is and every time I go to the skate park I look forward to riding it.

Rylan Kindness Colony Sweet Tooth 20" BMX Bike Check BMX Groms Crankset


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