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Jadin Covert BMX Bike Check


Jaden Covert BMX Haro Bike CheckJadin just moved up to a 20″ BMX, so it is a really good time, to check out his ride, see how he dialed it in and find out how he made the transition. Read up all you 18″ shredders!

Jadin Covert BMX Canon Ball Air

Photo: Stephen Smith

Name: Jadin Covert
Age: 14 yrs old
Height: 4’11” I’m too short haha
Weight: Around 80 pounds
Location: Clairemont San Diego California
Sponsors: I ride for Haro Bikes.
Which size BMX did you start riding on? I started on a 16″ redline.
When did you move up to a 20″ BMX and was the adjustment difficult? I just recently switched to a 20″ about a month ago. The switch is a little wierd at first but the bikes go so much faster and higher its a fun transition up to a 20″ for me.
What made you decide to make the switch to a 20″? I just thought it was time with my age and riding ability.
Do you have any advice for kids choosing a bike to start BMX? I would say start on a twenty to feel if u actually do need a smaller bike you will definitely know.
Frame / Top Tube Length: 20″ flat
Why did you choose that frame? Its one of the new frames that Haro started producing its awesome!
Fork: I have the new Haro Lineage.
Bars / Size: Bars are also the new Haro Lineage chrome the bars are 8.5 rise.
Stem: I have a Haro Lineage front load stem.
Grips: I have the ODI softie grips.
Bar ends: I have some white plastic Odyssey bar ends.
Seatpost: I have a carbon fiber Haro race seatpost.
Seat: I have a thick Haro Seat.
Cranks (and crank arm length): I have the Haro Lineage cranks there 170mm.
Sprocket (and number of teeth): I have the chrome Haro Lineage 28 tooth sprocket.
Chain: I have the Shadow half link in black.
Front Tire: I have the Haro La Mesa front tire 2.4’s.
Front Wheel: I have the blue and black Premium Samsara rim set.
Rear Tire: Same back tire Haro La Mesa 2.4
Rear Wheel: Also in the back the Premium Samsara 9 tooth driver in the back.
Pedals: I have the Odyssey JC PC pedals in black.
Hub Guard: I don’t run hub guards.
Pegs: I have a plastic in the front metal in the back but i dont know what kind they are hahaha
Jadin Covert BMX Bike Check DetailsBrakes: I dont run brakes.
Any other special details or stories about your bike or parts? Some cool stuff about my bike uhh my frame is one of a kind so is the stem well the color at least i think its preety awesome.
What do you think of BMX Groms? Bmx groms is new to me was introduced to it and think it is a good way for kids to get more influenced riding bikes seeing the kids all over the world killin it on bmx groms!

JT Cunningham 18 Inch Bike Check


JT Cunningham 10 year old BMX RiderJT Cunningham was one of the shredders on the recent UK Lil Pros UK BMX tour. He rides a custom 18 inch BMX and we caught up with him to get all the details of his ride to share it with all the BMX Groms out there. JT has spent a lot of time dialing in his bike and if you’re around the same age, you’ll find this information really useful.

Name: JT Cunningham
Age: 10
Height: 1m 38 / 4.52 ft
Weight: 29kg
Location: Horsham England
Sponsors: Kid Dynamite Apparel
Which size BMX did you start riding on: 18 inch
Do you have any advice for kids choosing a bike to start BMX? Choose a bike that has a light frame and take time to pick right bike.
When do you think you will move up to a 20″ BMX? If I grow quickly then hopefully in 2 years!!
Frame / Size: S&M atf Frame 18.5′ tt
Fork: DK Alpha 18′ forks
Bars / Size: Deluxe bars 8’0 rise 26 width, my Dad cut them down to 26 wide as they come in 28 wide.
Stem: Sunday day Freeze ToploadJT Cunningham 18 inch custom SandM BMX Bike
Grips: Totalbmx
Bar ends: Totalbmx
Headset: Premium Headset
Seat Clamp: Built in
Seatpost: Salt post
Seat: Totalbmx
Cranks: Oddssey Thunderbolt, 175mm
Sprocket: Proper Magnalite, 25T
Chain: Shadow Half link silver
Front Tire: Fit 18′  2.25
Front Wheel: Salt 18′ double walled
Rear Tire: Fit 18′ 2.25
Rear Wheel: Salt double walled
Pedals: Eclat
Pegs: Demolition plastic pegs
Brakes: N/A
Brake Lever: N/A
JT Cunningham 18 inch BMX Close Ups
What do you think of BMX Groms? I like BMX Groms because they put on all videos of young shredders and I think it is good for everyone to see the progression in BMX from a young age!!!

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