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Bryce Tryon BMX Bike Check


BMX Groms Bike Check with Bryce Tryon

BMX Groms Bike Check with Bryce Tryon Front View

Name: Bryce Tryon
Age: 14
Ht: 5’3
Wt: 120

Where to you call home?


Favorite style of riding (Dirt,street,park,trails,vert) ?
|#2 VERT Really like flying!!
#3 Trails

Do you have any advice for kids starting out in BMX?
RIDE TO HAVE FUN!! Don’t focus on big tricks!! Work on your bike control first!! Just keep riding tho!!

When did you first get into BMX and what size bike did you ride?
STARTED DOING TRICKS ON A 12″ at 3.5yrs old. (Standing on my seat with 1 foot stuff like that) lol Then I got a 16″ Haro then 16″ Mirraco. Didn’t go to a skate park with a bike until I was eight years old.

You recently switched from an 18″inch bike to a 20″inch bike. Was it a hard transition?
Well,I was on an 18 inch and broke my leg. Didn’t ride a bike for a full year!! I grew 4 inches during that year. So it seemed like the right time to make the switch to a 20″. CULT makes a 19.8″ Butter that worked awesome. I switched to the CULT SOS 20.5″ when it came out. It’s PERFECT for me! The shorter rear-end makes it Really easy to land the tricks that I like to do on it!!

Any words of advice for kids wanting to, or scared to move up to a bigger size bike?
It only takes like a week or two to get used to a bigger size bike. You’ll have the tricks you have on your smaller bike in no time!!

BMX Groms Bike Check with Bryce Tryon. Bryce at Woodward.


Frame: CULT SOS 20.5″


Bars size: CULT Leader ( 8.5 ) rise

Stem: CULT Salvation V2

Grips: CULT DAK Grips

Pedals: SPANK SPIKES (MTB) pedals

Seat: CULT DAK Fat seat

Cranks: CULT OS cranks w/TI spindle (175 mm)

Sprocket: CULT Member spline drive sprocket 28t

Tires: Tioga street block (front/rear) 20×2.25

Pegs: Demolition Dumbchuck V3

Hubs: Profile SS mini’s (front and rear) Lft.hnd drive w/TI DRIVER

BMX Groms Bike Check with Bryce Tryon - rear wheel.




Brakes: Odyssey EVO II arms and Odyssey M2 lever , SNAFU gyro

Any modifications to your bike? Drilled frame for Gyro tabs, left-hand drive because I grind on the right.

BMX Groms Bike Check with Bryce Tryon - rear wheel top view.

Shout-outs or Thanks?
Thank You BMX GROMS for asking me to do this bike check!

Thank you CULT bikes, FREEGUN, VANS, ALIENATION BMX and KALI Protectives and Robby’s bike shop.
Biggest Thanks to my Mom & Dad for supporting me in my dream and always being there for me. No matter what! Shout-out to all my BMX Homies that I ride with or have helped me!! Mike, Jeremy, C.C., Tatin, Nick, Pap, Matt, Isaac, Cam, Ryan, Dennis, Chad #Lodilocals Kevin, Woodward West
Nikita, Dustin, Uncle Don and Rhonda

New edit should be out with in a month. Make sure you check it out!
Follow me @TRYONBMX or
Facebook: Bryce Tryon

Thanks BMX GROMS for the opportunity!!

BMX Groms Bike Check with Bryce Tryon. Bryce Lookback at US Vans Open

Victor Peraza 18″ Total BMX Voltron Bike Check


Victor Peraza Young BMX Rider 18 Inch Bike CheckName: Victor Peraza

Age: 13

Height: 4ft 11

Weight: 98.8

Where do you call home? Tucson, Arizona (my house)

Sponsors? Total Bmx, FREEGUN, BlassBikes, MOM and DAD

Favorite style of riding (dirt, street, park, trails, vert)? I like to ride dirt, park, trails, and a little of street

Do you have any advice for kids starting out in BMX? Just keep trying

When did you first get into BMX and what size Bike did you ride? I started riding when I was 4 years old on a 12in. Red Line race bike.

Victor Peraza Young BMX Rider 18 Inch Bike Check Superman AirDo you have any plans for moving up to a 20 inch BMX? Yes but I just got my new bike so that will have to wait for now.

Frame: Total Bmx 18in. Voltron V2

Fork: Total Bmx Team GS 18in.

Bars / Size: S/M Slams (8.75 rise)

Stem: Total Bmx Team Stem

Grips: ODI Longneck

Bar ends: ODI

Seatpost: 34R

Seat: Dan Lacey Federal seat

Cranks (and crank arm length): Total Bmx Hangover (175)

Sprocket (and number of teeth): Demolition (28t)

Chain: Shadow Conspiracy Inerlock Chain

Front Tire: FITBIKECO. 2.25

Front Wheel: Alienation Black Sheep

Victor Peraza Young BMX Rider 18 Inch Bike Check Tuck No Hander AirRear Tire: FITBIKECO. 2.21

Rear Wheel: Alienation Black Sheep

Pedals: Premium Slim Pedals

Pegs: Shadow Conspiracy Little Ones Peg

Brakes: I’m currently not running brakes but I’ve been thinking of throwing some on.

Any modifications/extras? I like to run my seat a little high. ( Dean Cueson )

Shout outs or thanks? I just want to give a big shoutout to my family( Peraza ), Premises Park, fiends and sponsors ( Total Bmx, FREEGUN, Blassbikes, and my local bike park “Premises Park” ) for supporting me with everything. Thanks to all the homies for supporting me everyday and helping me learn new tricks my nice bike.


Dylan Hessey 18″ BMX Bike Check


10 year old Dylan Hessey's 18 inch BMX Bike CheckName: Dylan Hessey

Age: 10

Height: 1.47m

Weight: 41kg

Where do you ride: My local park is Rampworx indoor skatepark in Aintree, Liverpool

Which size BMX did you start riding on and what size do you ride now? My first bike was a 20” after 6 months I downsized to 18”.

When do you think you will switch up to a 20″ bike? Not for a few years yet.

Do you have any advice for kids choosing a bike to start BMX? Yes – try out both sizes before you make your choice!

Frame / Top Tube Length: Total BMX Voltron V2 18” Frame – 18.2″ tt

10 year old Dylan Hessey's 18 inch Voltron BMX Bike

Why did you choose that frame?
It is based on the full size Mark Webb signature Voltron V2 frame!

Fork: Total BMX Ghetto Shed 18-Inch Forks

Bars / Size: S&M Race Bars – 7.5” rise, width 25”

Stem: Colony Offical Stem with Ti bolts

Grips: ODI O

Bar ends: ODI

Headset: TotalBMX  Integrated Headset

Clamp: Built-In

10 year old Dylan Hessey's 18 inch BMX Bike

Federal Stump

Seat: Total BMX Stitched Logo Pivotal Seat

Cranks (and crank arm length): Profile Racing 145mm

Sprocket (and number of teeth): Colony 25T

Chain: Blank Half Link

Front Tire: Fit Faf 18” 2.25

Front Wheel: 18” Alienation Rim/Profile Racing Mini Hub/Rainbow Ti spokes

Rear Tire: Fit Faf 18” 2.10

Rear Wheel: 18” Alienation Rim/Profile Racing Mini Hub/Rainbow Ti spokes

Pedals: Snafu Anorexic

Pegs: Not running pegs at the moment

Brakes: Colony Transformer U Brake

Brake Lever: Odyssey Monolever Medium (Left Hand)

What do you think of BMX Groms? It is a great website to see other young BMX riders around the world.

10 year old Dylan Hessey's 18 inch BMX Bike Details

Ryan Slusher 18 Inch BMX Sunday Radocaster Bike Check

Ryan Slusher's 18 inch bmx bike check Sunday RadocasterBMX Groms caught up with Ryan Slusher, an 11 year old shredder from California who is lucky to be riding the new Sunday BMX prototype Radocaster 18 inch frame. Every detail on his ride is totally dialled in and we thought it would be super useful for all the groms out there to check out this setup. (Just be careful you don’t drool on your keyboard too much.)
Name: Ryan Slusher
Age: 11
Height: 4’8″
Weight: 70 lbs.
Home town: Auburn Ca.
Sponsors: Sunday Bikes, FDV Clothing.
Ryan Slusher's 18 inch bmx bike check Sunday Radocaster front view.You are riding the new Sunday Radocaster frame and fork. How does it feel?
The Sunday 18″ Radocaster feels awesome and is light weight. It is a full chromo frame and fork with removable brake tabs and hollow drop outs.
What do you mainly like to ride (Park, Street, Trails, Dirt, Everything)?
I mostly ride park and street but am starting to ride dirt jumps too.
Frame: Sunday 18″ Radocaster prototype
Fork: Sunday Radocaster
Bars: Shadow Vultus 7.5″
Stem: Ciari Parts Top load 45mm
Grips: ODI Long neck
Bar ends: ODI
Seatpost: Demolition pivotal
Seat: S&M Directors seat. Cushioned microfiber
Cranks: Odyssey Thunderbolt flatware 160mm
Sprocket: Odyssey Killington 25t
Chain: Gold KMC
Wheels: Odyssey Antigram oil slick LHD Hubs laced with Rainbow Titanium spokes to 18″ Alienation Black Sheep outers.
Tires: Salt Strike 2.125″
Pedals: Pro Form sealed metal
Pegs: Demolition Dumb Chuck
Ryan Slusher riding the 18 inch Sunday Radocaster BMX BikeBrakes: Odyssey mono lever, Snafu gyro, Demolition brake arms.
Any modifications/extras?
Givin the opportunity to ride the Sunday 18″ Radocaster test frame, my focus was to build a strong, light weight bike. I’m real happy with how the bike feels. Being a full Chromo frame and fork makes a big difference to a smaller rider like me. The bike complete weighs in at 21.3 lbs.
Anything else you would like to say?
I would like to thank Jim Cielencki, Jim Bauer, Chris Cotsonas and everybody at Sunday bikes for the opportunity to ride such an awesome bike.

Ryan Slusher's 18 inch Sunday Radocaster BMX Bike Detail

Ryan Slusher's 18 inch Sunday Radocaster BMX Bike Detail

BMX Groms Sunday Primer 16″ and 18″ BMX Bike Reviews


Sunday Primer 16 and 18 inch BMX Bike Review

Nathan Halahan cranks a turndown on the 16" Sunday Primer BMX

Nathan Halahan cranks a turndown on the 16″ Sunday Primer BMX

While scanning through the long list of Google search terms which brought people to the other day, this one caught my eye: “how old do u half to be to be able to ride bmx bike”? The answer is, if you are old enough to type a search phrase into Google, you’re definitely old enough to ride BMX, you just need the right size bike.  Sunday is a company that is taking creating bikes for smaller riders seriously, because they understand how important it is. So many kids fail at BMX, when their parents buy them a full size 20” bike that they can grow into. From frame geometry to components, they’ve thought of everything and Sunday has kept the cost down.

Mike Halahan is one of the most hardcore BMX Dad’s out there. The two Halahan boys, Lukas and Nathan show what 8 and 10 year olds can do on a BMX, when the bike is a size they can handle. The following independent review of the Sunday Primer 16” and 18” BMX bikes couldn’t have been done by anyone better. Thanks Mike Halahan!

Sunday Primer 16 & 18

Lukas Halahan tweaks a t-bog on the Sunday Primer 18" BMX in the Woods jump line at the wheelmill.

Lukas Halahan tweaks a t-bog on the Sunday Primer 18″ BMX in the Woods jump line at the wheelmill.

Review by Mike, Lukas and Nathan Halahan. Pictures by George Jenkins.

In 2014 a number of BMX brands dropped one or both of their 16 and 18 inch offerings. Yet, there seems to be an influx of youth entering the BMX freestyle market. This perplexed me. Jim Cielencki of Sunday Bikes is doing the opposite. This delights me.

I was fortunate to meet up with Jim C. at The Wheel Mill in Pittsburgh this past winter. We discussed youth, BMX, and Sunday Bikes. Specifically the Primer 16 and 18 inch complete models. Jim graciously hooked up my sons Nathan and Lukas with 16 and 18 inch Primers to test then give away to some lucky kiddos at their inaugural Next Generation Youth Jam.

The bikes showed up well packaged, blemish free and built up easily. The boys were stoked on the colors, Safety Green for the 16 and Ocean Blue for the 18. I also liked the look of the bikes. I noticed right away the concept proportional geometry that Jim and I discussed the month prior. The rider areas looked roomy, the rear ends nice and short, and the bar height and width just right.

The Primers are spec’d well with Sunday OEM kit. I would like to see a top load stem on the 18 but other than that I wouldn’t change a thing if we were to run them as completes. The bikes weighed in at 19.4 and 24.2 lbs on our shop scale. For sub $400 completes you won’t find much better than that. Most dads (and mums too) would likely swap some parts out for their higher end favorites and I see no problem with getting the weights down closer to the 17 and 19 lb weights of the boys current set ups. I would also like to see full chromoly frame and forks but understand the cost effectiveness with the mostly Hi-tensile steel used.

Sunday Primer 16" BMX Bike

Sunday Primer 16″ BMX Bike

The Sunday Primer 18" BMX Bike

The Sunday Primer 18″ BMX Bike

Next stop was The Wheel Mill to cut the boys loose. Both Nathan and Lukas appeared comfortable straight away. Lukas quickly pulled me to the mini ramp room excited to show me the ease at which he could manual across the deck and around the tree trunk feature. Nathan had me follow him to the park room to show me a crisp 540 transfer. With the rear ends on the Primer 16 and 18 being 1.5 inches shorter than their current bikes this did not surprise me. But, with these short rear ends, I really wanted to see how the boys jumped the big line in the woods jump room. It wasn’t long before my curiosity was satisfied. Although the boys were not boosting and tricking the jumps quite as they normally do, the bikes appeared to handle very well. Nathan did say he felt a little sketchy on the big hip, wall ride, and step down but had no qualms with the smaller trick box. Lukas said he didn’t feel quite as stable at first but felt comfortable by the sessions end. I would like to see (with the short rear ends) the boys roast these bikes at their local trail spot where a different set of skills and more stable platform is required. There is good reason why the adult version trail specific frames tend to have slightly longer chain stays than their street and park counterparts.

Nathan and Lukas Halahan getting tech on the Sunday Primer Bikes. The frame geometry makes a huge difference here, which younger BMX riders will really love.

Nathan and Lukas Halahan getting tech on the Sunday Primer Bikes. The frame geometry makes a huge difference here, which younger BMX riders will really love.

Overall the Primer 16 and 18 get thumbs up and smiles from Nathan, Lukas, and I. And, Jim C. gets high fives from all of us. Jim is stoked on getting right for the youth of BMX. His approach to proportionally designed geometry at Sunday Bikes is setting a new standard.

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